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A Perfect Match Star Revealed Season 2's Winners Were Picked By A Secret "Pact"

"They made a little deal..."

Was it a perfect match, or actually a perfect secret plan? After the unexpected final moments of Perfect Match Season 2, viewers were left scratching their heads at the chosen winners. How could a couple that’s barely been on the show be crowned the best relationship of the season? According to one cast member, the vote was decided by a secret “treaty” made by a group of contestants.

In Season 2’s final episode, the cast voted Christine and Nigel as the Perfect Match winners, leaving fans to ask... who are Christine and Nigel? Unlike the other four couples, Christine and Nigel only had a few minutes of screen time in the penultimate episode, when they suddenly matched up at the very last minute. To viewers, the unfamiliar and random-seeming pairing stood no chance at winning, which is what made their victory so surprising.

Even the winners themselves seemed kind of shocked at the outcome. But one Season 2 star is claiming that there was a covert plan to guarantee that Christine and Nigel would win over the more established couples.


After the finale aired, Chris posted a TikTok describing how the contestants who didn’t spend a lot of time in the house formed a voting block to ensure a member of their group would win.

“They made a little deal. They made the treaty that if one person from this group — this outside-house group — gets into the finale with one of the final couples, we all will vote for them,” Chris explained. “Nigel is one, Christine is another. They didn’t really get in the house that much, this is their first time really in the house. They just matched up, they’ve been on for one episode.”

He said that because Christine and Nigel were the only two members of this outside-the-house group to make it to the finale, they got all the votes from this majority. “Everyone outside of the house in that pact voted for Nigel and Christine to win it,” Chris said. “Are they a good couple? Maybe. I think so. Did they deserve to win Perfect Match? Absolutely not.”


In the end, it probably didn’t matter much who won, since all of Season 2’s couples have broken up since filming. Hopefully Season 3 will finally produce an actual perfect match!