Chrishell Stause on Netflix's 'Selling Sunset'

Chrishell Revealed Major Drama With Christine That Selling Sunset Didn't Show

She said she threatened legal action against her co-star.


It’s hard to believe there could be anything more dramatic than what goes down onscreen in Netflix’s Selling Sunset. The reality show centered around a group of real estate agents in Los Angeles is full of cliques, backstabbing, and showdowns, but apparently, what you see on TV isn’t even the most dramatic stuff that happens. Take Chrishell Stause and Christine Quinn’s situation, for example. The two women have been butting heads since the start of the series, and according to Chrishell, things aren’t any better between the pair behind the scenes. In fact, Chrishell said she threatened Christine with legal action in between Selling Sunset Seasons 3 and 4.

ICYMI, Season 4 of Selling Sunset — which hit Netflix on Nov. 28 — saw Christine at odds with pretty much everyone else in the cast for various reasons, including past relationship drama with newcomer Emma and shady comments about Heather Rae Young and her then-fiancé, Tarek El Moussa. But according to Chrishell, what viewers didn’t see was some of the drama that led to her own animosity with Christine for the season.

During a Dec. 5 interview with Vulture, Chrishell said Christine allegedly tried to plant a fake story in the press regarding Chrishell’s divorce from This is Us star Justin Hartley. “[Christine] tried to plant a false story when I was going through my divorce and I had to have both sides confirm that it wasn't true and then threaten legal action," Chrishell told Vulture. "[The rumor was] that I was hooking up with someone. Both parties knew that is not what happened ... [the producers on Selling Sunset] had to pull it [from the show’s storyline], but to try and even put that out there at a time where everybody was wondering what happened, and I lost my mom — to me that's so below the belt." Elite Daily reached out to a rep for Christine to comment on Chrishell’s quotes, but didn’t hear back in time for publication.


Chrishell then went on to say this wasn’t the last time Christine allegedly tried to spread rumors. According to Chrishell, it also happened regarding her relationship with Jason Oppenheim. "[Christine] did it again recently, trying to say that me and Jason [Oppenheim] were happening before [we actually were], and it's just not true," Chrishell said. "You can understand how that really could take someone down and ruin them when everyone on the internet is trying to figure out what happened. She takes it as an opportunity to fill in some blanks that were blatantly untrue. It was many steps too far for me." (Elite Daily included these quotes in its request for comment from Christine’s team, too, but didn’t hear back.)

And if you’re hoping a future season of Selling Sunset will show Christine making amends with the rest of the cast, Chrishell said it’s possible... but not exactly likely. “I get it, the viewers want us to get along and they want this to go away and I couldn’t possibly feel more of the same way, but when you get into the minutiae of what has really happened behind the scenes, it’s a tough bridge to rebuild,” Chrishell said. “I think some accountability would go a long way with the group ... But there’s been none of that.”

In the meantime, fans can rewatch Selling Sunset Seasons 1 through 4 on Netflix to reminisce on all the happy times Chrishell and Christine have not had together.