Emma Hernan in a red suit on Season 4 of Netflix's 'Selling Sunset'

Raise Your Hand If Christine And Emma's Selling Sunset Drama Has You Confused

Insert Oprah's "So what is the truth?" meme here.


Welcome to the world of Selling Sunset, where the shoes are fierce and the rivalries are even fiercer. While the first three seasons of Netflix’s hit series have plenty of frenemy drama, Season 4 turned up the heat when an enemy from Christine Quinn’s past, Emma Hernan, joined the cast. The two realtor have a pretty rocky history that came to a major head in Season 4, but with two very different sides of the story, Christine and Emma’s Selling Sunset drama is v hard to follow.

Granted, for the first three seasons of the show, Quinn wasn't exactly making besties left and right. Even though she was super close with Mary Fitzgerald at the start of Season 1, the two started going their separate ways as Quinn became the center of more and more office drama. So, when Hernan joined the cast in Season 4, Quinn was already on the outs with most of the Oppenheim Group. But what makes Quinn’s beef with Hernan different from past squabbles is that both women once dated the same guy (whose identity remains a mystery as of Nov. 24, Season 4’s release date).

When Hernan — who has actually been working for the Oppenheim group since 2018 — joined the Selling Sunset cast, her history with Quinn started to be revealed. Basically, both women had relationships with the same guy, but according to Quinn, there was some major overlap in the timelines. In Season 4, Quinn claimed she was still with her now-ex when she saw him walking hand-in-hand with Hernan. She confronted Hernan at the time, but then, two months later, Hernan got engaged to said ex.


According to Hernan, she had no idea Quinn was still dating the man, and made it clear during Season 4 that she thinks Christine is lying about this fact. Fitzgerald, who was living with Quinn at the time of the original ~altercation~ between Quinn and Hernan, took Hernan’s side, saying Quinn and her ex were broken up before Hernan got involved with him.

Quinn, however, said she was definitely still going strong with the guy, so much so that he actually proposed to her three months before she caught him with Hernan. Once again, Fitzgerald sided with Hernan, saying Quinn never got engaged since Quinn would have told her about it. Quinn, on the other hand, said she didn’t tell anyone about the proposal besides fellow realtor Davina Potratz — except... according to Fitzgerald, Potratz didn’t enter their social or professional circles until after all this nonsense went down.


Even though it’s been years since Quinn and Hernan’s original debacle — and Quinn is now married with a baby, while Hernan is no longer engaged to the mystery guy they once shared — it’s pretty obvious there are still a lot of hurt feelings and grey areas surrounding the co-workers’ pasts. What can be confirmed is that Quinn and Hernan dated the same guy, and Hernan later got engaged to him. Whether there was an overlap and an additional engagement remains unclear, but either way, working together probably isn’t the most fun, no matter what really happened.

Selling Sunset Season 4 is streaming now on Netflix. Season 5 is already confirmed.