Emma Hernan in Selling Sunset Season 4

This New Selling Sunset Star Has Major History With Christine

Season 4 is getting some new blood.

by Ani Bundel

When it comes to reality shows like Selling Sunset, the “characters” are real people with real jobs. That means, unlike actors who are hired to be on a series, they can take time off when their lives change or they get fired for various reasons. It also means that every so often, new hires arrive as well, creating a natural, low-key cast turnover. But the new faces joining the Oppenheim Group are anything but low-key, especially Emma. So, who is Emma Hernan on Selling Sunset Season 4, and why should fans look forward to her arrival?

Despite the show introducing her this season, Emma, a model-turned-realtor, has worked for the company for several years. That means she’s already a known entity to most of the cast, except, possibly, for newcomer Vanessa Villela.

Emma originally got into real estate several years ago in 2017, when she bought her first investment property with the help of Oppenheim Group founder, Jason Oppenheim. This inspired her to get her real estate license, and she started working for the company in 2018. She’s also famous in the business world for founding Emma Leigh & Co., a vegetarian and vegan frozen food company.

According to an interview with People, Emma likes to focus on helping others get into the real estate portfolio business, especially women. But she also is already heavily involved in the company drama.

Emma is already close to several cast members, especially Chrishell Stause and Mary Fitzgerald, who she says warned her about social media bullies ahead of her joining the show. But the trailer also reveals she has issues with some of her co-workers, especially Christine Quinn, who she says she likes to keep “out of mind.”

It turns out, this is all based on relationship drama that went down long before the cameras started rolling. Apparently, Emma was engaged to Christine’s ex-boyfriend all of “two months after [Christine and he] broke up.”

To be fair, Christine is evidently settled and happy in her life. In between seasons, she and her husband, Christian Richard, welcomed their first child. Meanwhile, Emma is in a different stage of her life and career. But that just makes for extra drama now, doesn’t it?

Selling Sunset returns for Season 4 on Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021.