Chelsea and Jeff Lazkani in 'Selling Sunset' Season 5

Selling Sunset’s Newcomers Are Actually Such A Power Couple

Jeff and Jason go way back.

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Chelsea Lazkani stole the show on Season 5 of Selling Sunset with her dramatic outfits and no-nonsense attitude. She even won over many of the women, despite her close ties to the cast’s least favorite agent, Christine Quinn. After selling a massive home, Chelsea earned her seat at The Oppenheim Group, but she actually already knew Jason Oppenheim through her husband, Jeff Lazkani. The show gave fans some details on Jeff, but who is this man who almost bought Kanye West’s house? Here’s everything you need to know about Chelsea’s husband, Jeff, from Selling Sunset Season 5.

Audiences first heard about Jeff when Chelsea met Jason and said something no one wants to hear when meeting a seemingly new person: “Do you remember me?” After a quick reminder, Jason did, in fact, remember he met Chelsea when he sold Jeff a house five years ago. Unlike her castmate Emma Hernan, Chelsea found the Los Angeles dating scene to be a breeze — she met Jeff on a dating app almost immediately after she moved to LA and they pretty quickly got married and had two kids.

Back in the coffee shop, before Chelsea made her move on The Oppenheim Group, Jason told the story of Jeff trying to buy Kanye West’s house even when it still had huge portraits of the rapper hanging on the walls. They were even in escrow (which Selling Sunset fans know means the buyer’s offer has been accepted), but Jeff’s mom, Nancy Lazkani, said he shouldn’t go through with it because she said “it looks like a lonely narcissist lived here.” It seems her comment was enough to stop Jeff from going through with the purchase, and real estate isn’t the only arena where Jeff takes direction from his mom.

Jeff Lazkani’s Career

Jeff has worked for the same company, Icon Media Direct, his entire career — 16 years — which Nancy, his mom, founded in 2000. Like any good niche company, its website is hard to understand if you’re not in the business of media buying or TV advertising.

If you don’t have all day to look up acronyms, the company essentially collects data on audiences for both streaming and cable television to ensure that marketers or brands strategically place their advertisements. Jeff has held a variety of roles at this family business, but he has been a managing partner for the last year.

Jeff Lazkani’s Family

Audiences got to watch Jeff be a doting father and supportive husband this season — he encouraged Chelsea to go after what she wanted and gassed her up for good measure, all while playing with their son. He may have learned this from his mom, who has shared in magazine interviews and on LinkedIn that she raised Jeff as a single mother and worked really hard to impart good life lessons to Jeff.

Now, Chelsea and Jeff have two kids, Maddox and Melia, who featured briefly in Season 5 but could be more involved in seasons to come.

Jeff Lazkani’s Instagram

Although Jeff’s Instagram is private, it doesn’t seem like he’s averse to sharing his life on social media. Chelsea posts plenty of photos and videos of their life together, including tons of photos from their wedding in 2017. Spoiler alert: She had at least three dresses for the event.

Unlike other men on Selling Sunset (*cough* Jason and Brett) Jeff seems to be drama-free. It has yet to be confirmed if he will be returning for further seasons, but if he does, let’s hope it stays that way.

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