Here's Everyone Who Got Eliminated On Week 5 Of 'The Bachelorette'

by Mary Kate Hoban

The Bachelorette got seriously heated in week five.

Monday night's episode had everything you could possibly want: an incredibly cringeworthy one-on-one date, an angry fight, a super romantic one-on-one date in Norway, a big group date sporting activity, an intensely awkward two-on-one date, and, of course, eliminations.

The first rose of the episode came after the cocktail party and it went to Bryan (reminder: he got the first impression rose, too). So the chiropractor has got to be feeling pretty good about himself at this point in the competition.

Then, Rachel went on a one-on-one with Jack. They rode a carriage through South Carolina and took a dance lesson -- all the makings of a romantic day. Jack was reallyyyyyy feeling it, but Rachel not so much. In fact, it was pretty painful to watch.


At their candlelit dinner, Rachel sent Jack home. It was obviously difficult for her to tell him she didn't reciprocate his feelings, but she said to the camera,

I had to listen to my gut, I had to follow it.

The next morning Rachel decided to forgo the cocktail party because she already knew the men she wanted to send home. Jonathan and Iggy didn't get a rose.

After that, it was off to Norway! Rachel and Bryan's one-on-one date was basically perfect. Bryan told Rachel really intimate things like the fact that he had acne in high school and used to be really skinny. Rachel confessed she was always the "cool" sister, not the "pretty" one. Like I said, it was super intimate.

Then Bryan told Rachel he was starting to fall in love with her, and she gave him the rose – obviously.

For the big group date, the guys played a game of handball and Will got the group date rose. Although, she spent a really long time with Peter in the hot tub.

FINALLY, it was time for the moment we were all waiting for: a two-on-one with arch-enemies Kenny and Lee. OF COURSE, the show ended on a cliff-hanger.

So to recap, here is everyone who went home tonight:



Jonathan, aka The Tickle Monster




It was a big week for goodbyes, but get ready, Bachelor Nation, because we have another whole episode tomorrow night! Based on the preview, things are just getting started.