'Bachelorette' Rachel And Peter Got Steamy In A Hot Tub And Twitter Went Crazy

by Mary Kate Hoban

Things got really steamy on week five of The Bachelorette.

After a group date where the guys tried to impress Rachel with their handball skills, they took their turns getting some one-on-one time with her.

Peter and Rachel went outside on the deck "to talk," and immediately started making out. Then, she asked if he wanted to continue their "conversation" in the hot tub... and there wasn't a whole lot of talking by the looks of it.

Holy PDA!

When they finally came up for air and returned to the rest of the group, the guys took jabs at how long they had been gone -- apparently, three-and-a-half hours.

After that, I think everyone expected Peter to get the group date rose, but Rachel surprised everyone by giving it to Will (the clear champion of the handball game).

Twitter immediately erupted.

Poor Peter!

In case you are having trouble keeping all the guys straight, let me remind you about Peter Kraus. Peter is the 31-year-old personal trainer from Wisconsin.

He was also the very first one to exit the limo that first night.


He also got the first one-on-one date, where they went to the puppy pool party.

Speaking to a local Wisconsin radio station several weeks ago, Rachel even admitted,

I mean, Peter was the first one to walk out of the limo. And the first guy I saw. And my immediate thought was, 'Wow this guy is very, very handsome. Like, we are off to a really good start.' And he was very nervous coming out of the limo and I was too standing there. And I love that he embraced that. I did too. We had a little banter going. We talked about Wisconsin and I was impressed. I really, yeah, there was something there when Peter first came out of the limo, I'll admit that.

So the chemistry is there, but Peter definitely looked a little dejected when he didn't nab that rose after their hot tub make-out sesh.

What does that mean, Rachel?!