Martin Short as Oliver in Only Murders in the Building
This Tiny Detail May Be Key To Solving Only Murders In The Building Season 2

It's a mystery within a mystery.

by Ani Bundel

Only Murders In The Building (the podcast) might be the rare true-crime podcast that gets a second season. However, Only Murders In The Building (the series) is the perfect streaming series to get a second round. Much like in Season 1, Season 2 dedicates a full installment to humanizing the victim with Episode 3, “The Last Day of Bunny Folger.” And Bunny’s lunch date in the episode could be key to solving Only Murders In The Building’s latest mystery.

Warning: Spoilers for Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episode 3 follow. Despite the series introducing a new round of suspects for the new season in the premiere, Episode 3 reminds fans Bunny’s life had always been about the Arconia. She spent every day there, and all her usual haunts were just down the block from it. Her regular diner, for example, has been her lunch routine for so long that she feels comfortable giving her usual server, Ivan, thousands of dollars as her retirement gift to him after his years of waiting on her.

But that also means that Bunny’s routine is easy to overlook, like when Ivan asked if the same friend who joined her for lunch yesterday would be back today. Bunny seemed startled, not that he was asking, but that he mistook the person she was with for a friend.

So who was it? Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short all confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that nothing should be taken for granted this season; everyone should be a suspect. So, let’s run down the people Bunny might eat lunch with who she doesn’t consider a friend, and what that might mean about her murder.




Selena Gomez said to suspect everyone! She still falls into the least likely person to have taken out Bunny for a whole host of reasons, but she would be the sort of person to go out to lunch with Bunny if invited. And Bunny would never acknowledge her as a friend in front of anyone.


Dr. Grover Stanley

A low-lying suspect from Season 1, he is confirmed to be one of those in Bunny’s “friend” circle at the Arconia during her retirement party. Considering his forte in therapy and Bunny’s state of mind, one could see her asking him out to lunch but not going through with opening up to him. But because it would therefore be a business lunch, he’s not someone Bunny would claim as a friend when asked about it.


Leonora Folger

Barbara Nitke/Hulu

Bunny would take her mom to lunch and then snap if anyone mistook them for friends. That’s just the kind of relationship they have. But until Leonora is given a better motive to off her own daughter, she stays low on the list.


Lester the Doorman

A throwaway moment, but fans noted that Bunny casually threatened to replace Lester the doorman before leaving her presidency post. He didn’t seem to take it seriously, and she told him to give her best to his wife right afterward, suggesting she knows his family. Something they talked about over lunch, maybe? But not exactly someone she’d call a friend.



Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

As noted when she was introduced, Alice is part of the art world, and although she doesn’t have a direct connection (yet) to Rose Cooper or Folgers’ painting, the fact that she started reaching out to Mabel right after Bunny’s demise suggests there could be something more there. Also, she seems like the type who wouldn’t take no for an answer no matter how many times Bunny hung up on her, and she’s not likely someone Bunny would consider a friend.


Howard Morris

For a time, Howard was a primary suspect in Episode 1, and he falls low on the list of people who may’ve murdered Bunny because his conversation with Uma suggested he didn’t know about the painting. However, because Uma is all but in the clear* after Episode 3, Howard rises far enough up the list to be included. After all, he is precisely the sort of person who would happily go to lunch with Bunny and who she would insist was not a friend.

*Uma was seen with Bunny moments before the phone call about the painting, ruling her out, and of everyone in the Arconia, she is the only person Bunny would absolutely call a friend.



Oliver eats at this diner all the time, even though he technically can’t afford it. Viewers know he has his favorites, because they’ve seen him getting takeout with his son. Oliver might have had a sit-down with Bunny about his apartment situation, forcibly joined her for lunch, and talked her ear off. Bunny definitely wouldn’t consider him a friend — or that lunch anything but antagonism.



Nina was introduced as the primary suspect in Episode 3, which is why she’s so high on this list. Also, she and Bunny had been joined at the hip in the months ahead of Bunny’s retirement. That makes her the most likely to have gone to lunch with her.

The problem is the timing. Had this scene happened after Bunny decided not to retire, she would have refused to call Nina a friend. But this happened before that, when Bunny thought they were on the same wavelength. Perhaps Bunny would still deny they were friends, but it’s harder to buy.



Barbara Nitke/Hulu

And once again it’s back to... Charles. The painting is of his father. He and Bunny could have been half siblings. Her last words were “14” and “Savage,” his floor and his name. Perhaps that makes him too obvious a suspect. But since the cast has said to suspect everyone, Charles is currently looking like suspect No. 1. And he is exactly someone who Bunny wouldn’t think twice about taking to lunch there and then refusing to call a friend.

Only Murders In the Building Season 2 continues with new episodes streaming every Tuesday on Hulu.