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Only Murders In The Building Has A New Lead Suspect

She’s super sus.

by Ani Bundel
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Bunny Folger is deceased; long live Bunny Folger. At least, that’s the premise of Only Murders In The Building’s third episode of Season 2. After learning that Charles-Hayden Savage had an unlikely connection to Bunny (which neither seemed to know about) and that there’s a painting involved that revealed multiple affairs a generation ago, this episode turned to focus on the Arconia’s former board president and turned up an unlikely suspect in the murder case of Bunny: Nina, Bunny’s replacement president.

Warning: Spoilers for Only Murders In The Building Season 2, Episode 3 follow. The episode, titled “The Last Day of Bunny Folger,” is exactly that. The podcasters recreate Bunny’s last day, tracing her movements, from her morning wake-up to her usual rounds around the city and building.

But viewers will first note that this is not just any day for Bunny. It’s her last day as board president. While fans initially thought a new president was brought in after Bunny’s demise, it was revealed Nina was due to start her term before Bunny’s passing, regardless of what happened. In fact, Bunny had been making plans to retire for a while, with thoughts of moving to Boca Raton, Florida.

Although Bunny seemed like a mean old bat, her last day showed she was a person with a big heart. She and Nina got along swimmingly in the morning, and Uma was broken up that Bunny was planning to move. She was also a badass, hot-wiring the elevator when it got stuck. She even thanked the podcasters for saving the building and took their merch in the spirit it was given. It hurt her feelings when they rejected her and didn’t invite her in to celebrate with them.

Bunny was also giving away money as part of her scheduled departure, handing her usual diner server, Ivan, a massive wad of cash as she told him to follow his DJ dreams. She also said something surprisingly sad to Ivan, telling him never to love one thing: “If you only love one thing and that one thing goes away, you’re left with nothing, and that sucks.”

Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

It was at her retirement party that it became evident that Bunny didn’t want to retire. She didn’t want to go to Boca; she hated the heat. She loved the business of running the building, and she tried to turn the party into a meeting to deal with Amy Schumer’s non-permitted renovations in Sting’s old apartment. When Nina tried to put a stop to it, Bunny admitted she didn’t want to step down and declared she was staying on after all.

Nina didn’t take Bunny’s change of heart well, forcing Howard to read the minutes from the November meeting, proving Bunny said they needed to pick a successor way back then. However, when Bunny said she wasn’t ready to let go, Nina started to rant, saying Bunny was “holding the Arconia hostage.” She accused Bunny of only being board president because her mother was before her, and said Bunny was holding back progress and preventing the building from moving into the 21st century.

Bunny was horrified. She believed Nina was on board with her ideas of preserving the Arconia, and this revelation that Nina had just said whatever Bunny wanted to hear before taking the presidency was too much. Bunny declared she wouldn’t let Nina take charge, calling her a “baby bumpy b*tch.”

Not long after that, Bunny wound up dead. And right now, the signs are pointing to Nina being the murderer.

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