This Throwback Video Will Remind You How Much Justin Bieber Used To Suck

Getty Images

Guys, Justin Bieber has come SO. FAR.

The Biebs spent too long pining for Selena Gomez, committing to a whisper of a flesh-colored mustache and giving ominous, dramatic warnings during court depositions, as evidenced by a 2014 TMZ clip.

These days, JB moved on with a new lady love and tries to keep things positive and leave his dark days in the past. Sure, he still tries some bizarre sh*t with his facial hair from time to time, but ease up. He's still growing.

Gone are the days of Bieber emphatically rubbing his chin and asking lawyers,

Journalism. This isn't journalism?

No, Justin. This isn't journalism. This is life... and you're really getting the hang of it.