Justin Bieber Gives A Shout Out To Selena Gomez In His New Music Video

by Eitan Levine

Justin, sweetie, it's time to let Selena go.

Shhhhhhh! *Places finger on Justin Bieber's lips and whispers into his ear.*

Let her go.

Do you remember how in high school if you got dumped, it felt less like a final note on the relationship and more like an opportunity to reprove your love to the person who ended things?

That is 100 percent what Justin Bieber goes through daily with Selena Gomez.

Whether he openly admits it or not, Biebs clearly still has an insane amount of feels for the 23-year-old Disney Channel alum.

Proof? Remember when he legally got asked to talk about her during a court deposition?

I mean, tell me this isn't the face of someone who listens to “Come & Get It” while he or she longingly stares out of a window, wishing for a brighter and happier tomorrow.

Sharp-eyed Bieber fans uncovered hard evidence in the music video for “What Do You Mean?” suggesting JB is secretly angling to rekindle things with Gomez.

You can watch the whole video or just skip ahead to 3:45 to see what I'm talking about.

Thankfully, someone who watched this video far more times did.

Selena Gomez's name is spray painted on a wall in Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" music video. #Jelena pic.twitter.com/c3boNK8HMl — Slytherin Princess♕☆ (@perhapsonedaykc) September 1, 2015

Selena's name is on the wall!

Yes, I get you need everything short of an enigma codebreaker machine and a brief understanding of the Fibonacci number sequence to really find the name, but it's totally there.

Also, when you zoom out you can see the name is located next to the words “love,” “JB" and “hope.”

I see you Selena #Jelena pic.twitter.com/VAJRspoYai — Proud of my idols❤️ (@mirella77948266) August 31, 2015

Filling in the blanks, you can clearly see JB still HOPES SELENA will LOVE him again.


I feel like Nicolas Cage when he found that secret map on the back of the US Constitution. Anyone else feel that way?! Good! Glad we shared this.

Anyway, the ball is in your court Sele -- What's that? She already talked to reporters about how she has no interest in ever being associated with Justin again?

Oh. Sorry, Biebs.

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