Justin Bieber Finally Explains Why He Broke Into Tears During The VMAs (Video)


Granted, it wasn’t as earth-shaking as Yeezy running for office or as intriguingly confusing as the beef between Nicki and Miley, but Justin Bieber randomly crying after performing “What Do You Mean?” was easily the third most confusing thing to happen at the VMAs on Sunday.

MTV took the video of the performance off its Twitter account, but you can still see stills of the intense moment.

At the time, it was super confusing and incredibly random, but thanks to an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," we now have an answer to why it all went down.

In the video above, Bieber explained he was a little angry with himself because he missed a few dance moves, but he was more emotional because of the response he received from the crowd.

He told Fallon,

He continued,

Um, wow. That was incredibly sweet, Justin.

Sure, it was ruined a few seconds later when he told the people in the audience they all frequently get into the same kind of trouble he does, but like, let's just try to remember Justin for being sweet and not for that assumption.