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Victoria Larson is returning in 'Bachelor In Paradise.'

Victoria Larson Is No Longer The "Queen" Of Bachelor Nation

She's taken things one step further for Paradise.


Welp, the Queen of Bachelor Nation officially has a new title. The — ahem — memorable contestant may have brought royal chaos to Matt James’ Bachelor season, but these days, she refers to herself as “the goddess.” Since there’s a very good chance she’ll stir up all kinds of drama in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, it’s a good idea to find out more about her. From her real job to her Instagram, here’s what you need to know about the royal-turned-deity, Victoria Larson.

From the moment Victoria was literally carried in on Night 1 of The Bachelor Season 25, the self-proclaimed queen of the season wasn’t afraid to create drama in the house (or, more accurately, the Nemacolin Resort, where Season 25 was filmed). Victoria participated in the spread of nasty rumors about other contestants and literally snatched a tiara off another woman’s head. So yeah, the 28-year-old was clearly a memorable villain... so much so that some viewers even guessed she was an actor planted by producers to stir up trouble.

Now Victoria’s officially a Paradisian, but this isn’t the same Victoria fans met on Season 25 of The Bachelor. She’s blonde now, for one thing, and she prefers to be called a goddess rather than a queen. Only time will tell if that means she’ll unleash otherworldly mayhem on the beach, but until then, here’s what you need to know about Bachelor Nation’s favorite villainous monarch:

Victoria Larson’s Real Job

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Spoiler alert: Victoria isn’t actually a “goddess” or a "queen." As far as work goes, she’s an entrepreneur who owns/founded a few different health and beauty businesses. On her Instagram, she says she's the owner of Jet Set Glow, which offers "certified spray tanning, health coaching, pilates, and all things beauty for mind, body, and soul." She’s also part of the pageant circuit and was a Miss Florida USA 2021 contestant as the Fort Lauderdale representative, which is probably how the whole “queen” thing got started. She also recently launched an OnlyFans account in partnership with CONTENT X studios.

Victoria Larson’s Social Media

Victoria is super active on social media, especially after her stint on Matt’s season. In addition to pageant pics and plenty of poolside poses, Victoria’s Insta is full of photos of her pup and glam shots while her TikTok showcases more of her sarcastic humor.

Victoria Larson Facts

While you might think you know everything about the brazen reality star, there’s actually more than meets the eye. Victoria seems to split her time between Florida and Los Angeles, and according to a July 9 Instagram post, she’s currently living in Miami. She still competes in pageants and not only does she “love her pageant sisters,” but she says she’s actually not a total mean girl IRL. In a July 31 video, she answered a few questions, including whether or not her onscreen persona matches her everyday one. She said in reality (like, reality, reality — not reality TV) she “love[s] her girlfriends” and “support[s] women.”

Despite apparently being chill offscreen, I have a feeling the reality show version of Victoria isn’t going to hold back the drama on Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.