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Vanessa Hudgens Calls Out Paparazzi For Publishing Photos Of Her Baby

"Our family's privacy was disrespected and exploited."

It’s the start of something new for Vanessa Hudgens, but her new mom era didn’t get off to the best start. On July 3, paparazzi photos caught Hudgens leaving a hospital cradling her newborn baby. While the pics were sweet, they left a sour taste in Hudgens’ mouth. Shortly after the photos were published, Hudgens shared how “disrespected” she felt to have her “special time” intruded upon by paps.

Before Hudgens could share her happy announcement herself, the media had already beaten her to it. TMZ and Page Six both published candid shots of Hudgens and her husband Cole Tucker leaving a hospital with their newborn child on July 3. The new mom clearly wasn’t happy with that, posting a pointed note to her Instagram stories a day later.

We're disappointed that our family's privacy was disrespected and exploited during this very special time due to the greed of a long lens camera feeding the media,” Hudgens wrote. She ended the message with a reassuring update about her new family: “Despite all of that, mom, dad, and baby are happy and healthy.”

Hudgens and Tucker have yet to reveal when their first child was born, but it’s likely that the baby may share a birthday with their father. Tucker celebrated his 28th birthday on July 3, the same day the paparazzi pics from the hospital were published.

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Hudgens first announced her pregnancy in the flashiest way possible back in March, proudly showing off her baby bump at the 2024 Oscars. Since then, she’s been chronicling her first pregnancy on Instagram with several pics. Notably, her pregnancy timeline closely overlapped with her former High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale’s second pregnancy. Although there have been recent rumors that the former friends had a falling out, Tisdale posted that she was “so excited” she and Hudgens were having babies at the same time.

Now that Hudgens has a baby Wildcat of her own, it sounds like she wants to spend some time privately bonding with her little one, without any pesky cameras trying to pry.