'Teen Wolf: The Movie' has inspired tons of angry tweets and backlash from fans.

Teen Wolf Fans Are Tearing The New Movie Apart & For Good Reason

This is such a mess.


After over five years away from Beacon Hills, Teen Wolf fans finally got to catch up with their favorite wolf pack once again in Teen Wolf: The Movie, but the reunion didn’t end up being exactly what anyone was expecting. For one thing, pivotal characters like Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles and Arden Cho’s Kira were completely missing, but even more heartbreaking than that, the movie shocked viewers with a brutal death and a seemingly unnecessary breakup. The maddening decisions sent longtime franchise devotees howling, and these tweets and memes of Teen Wolf fans hating on the movie took over social media.

Spoiler alert: This post contains major spoilers from Teen Wolf: The Movie. The long-awaited sequel film dropped on Paramount+ on Jan. 26, picking up 13 years after the events of the Teen Wolf series finale. The central story of the movie revolves around Alpha werewolf Scott McCall shockingly encountering his ex-girlfriend Allison Argent in Beacon Hills despite her tragic death a decade-and-a-half ago. That mystery may have excited fans of Scott and Allison’s relationship, but it didn’t make up for the movie’s incredibly controversial ending.

The final moments of the film saw fan-favorite werewolf Derek Hale sacrificing himself and dying. Derek’s death alone would’ve been enough to send fans into a tailspin, but how he died was especially brutal. Derek was consumed by fire as his son, Eli, watched. The scene really angered fans, considering Derek lost his whole family to a fire, and now he was inflicting that exact same trauma onto his own son.

The other revelation that had fans upset involved Stiles and Lydia’s relationship. The fan-favorite couple ended the Teen Wolf series together, but presumably due to Stiles’ absence from the movie, Lydia revealed she and Stiles had actually broken up prior to the events of the film. Shippers called out the decision as needlessly coldhearted, arguing Lydia could have still been with Stiles even if he didn’t appear in the movie.

Derek’s death and Stydia’s breakup were only two of the controversial moments in the movie. Overall, many longtime fans found multiple things to be angry about after finishing the follow-up film.

If you’re curious about Teen Wolf: The Movie, you can sink your teeth into it now, streaming on Paramount+.