Here are all the details about the 'Teen Wolf' movie, including the Paramount+ release date, cast, t...

Teen Wolf Is Officially Coming Back With A Movie, So Alert Your Pack

A full moon is on the rise...


There’s something howling good on the horizon. Teen Wolf stans will be hype to know that even though the supernatural series officially ended in 2017, there’s a revival movie in the works. After the four-year anniversary of the show’s series finale, Paramount+ announced it's bringing the wolf pack back. If you’re ready to hear all the juicy deets, here’s what to know about the Teen Wolf movie, including the Paramount+ release date, cast, and trailer.

The announcement first arrived on Friday, Sept. 24, when Variety released an exclusive report ahead of Paramount’s official release. IDK about you, but the best time to get this long-awaited update is right before Halloween, and the Teen Wolf movie revival sounds too good to be true. The series, which originally ran for six seasons from 2011 to 2017, followed Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, a teen whose life is turned upside down after being bitten by a wolf. From there, he and his best friend Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien) come across a slew of dangerous supernatural creatures in their town, Beacon Hills. Among the creatures the pack had to fight off were banshees, kitsunes, wendigos, and other scary shapeshifters that prowl the night.

Since Teen Wolf’s series finale left some storylines a bit open-ended, it seems the best next step was to continue the series in movie form. Fans last saw Scott rescuing a new werewolf, Alec (played by Benjamin Wadsworth), and inviting him to join his pack. Once Alec accepts, the pack walks off in the moonlight, talking about the need to stay safe and fight off creatures and hunters who will continually pursue them. There’s been some talk of bringing back Teen Wolf since the show ended, and now it’s finally happening.

Here’s everything to know about the Teen Wolf movie so far.

Teen Wolf Movie Paramount+ Release Date

Paramount+ inked a deal with MTV Entertainment Studios on Sept. 24, per an email sent to Elite Daily. The team-up includes a multi-year deal with the creator, writer, and producer of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis.

Davis will write and executive produce the Teen Wolf movie, plus a new series called Wolf Pack, a show that appears to be unrelated and based on the book series by Edo Van Belkom. Although there’s no official release date yet, since the Teen Wolf movie is in its early stages, you can expect the OG Teen Wolf series to hit Paramount+ in December 2021.

Since production is in its early stages, it’s safe to say you probably can’t expect the Teen Wolf movie until late 2022 or later.

Teen Wolf Movie Cast

Fans would love to see the entire OG cast signed on for the flick, but it’s a little early to tell. Per MTV and Paramount, there are already talks underway with the original cast. Although nothing is confirmed yet, one can only hope the lineup will include fan-favorites like Posey and O'Brien to reprise their roles as Scott and Stiles. Additionally, if the original cast from Season 6 returns for the flick, you can expect Crystal Reed as Allison Argent, Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, and Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale.


If Alec is in the picture, too, you might get to see Wadsworth return.

Teen Wolf Movie Trailer

Since the Teen Wolf movie is still in its early stages, there’s no official trailer yet.

Teen Wolf Movie Plot


It's too early to tell what the plot of the Teen Wolf movie will be, but fans can expect the pack back in Beacon Hills. Per the press email, the film opens with a "terrifying evil" that's emerged in Beacon Hills. As the wolf pack howls into action, there may be a return of creatures like banshees, hellhounds, werecoyotes, and kitsunes, along with other shapeshifters. In the film, Scott McCall has grown up and is an Alpha of the pack, working to reunite with friends and gain new allies to fight "what could be the most powerful and deadliest enemy they've ever faced."

With the Teen Wolf movie on the way, get ready to stream your way through the original show to get even more hype for the next installment of the story.