Hulu added all six seasons of 'Teen Wolf' and fans took to Twitter to celebrate.

Every Season Of 'Teen Wolf' Is Now On Hulu & Fans Are EMOTIONAL


Alert your pack, because some major Teen Wolf news just dropped. The supernatural teen drama ended its run on MTV in 2017, and now it's finally hitting streaming. As of Monday, March 22, all six season of the show are available to stream on Hulu, so obviously everyone is celebrating as they start a long-awaited rewatch. These tweets about Teen Wolf being on Hulu will have you pumped to catch up with Scott, Stiles, and the rest of the Beacon Hills crew ASAP.

Whether you've never seen Teen Wolf before or you're a superfan who's been craving an excuse to rewatch it, now's the perfect time to sink your teeth into the cult series, since it's finally easily streamable on Hulu. The MTV show followed Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), a high schooler who is suddenly turned into a werewolf. Alongside his best friend Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O'Brien), he discovers a realm full of supernatural creatures that exist in Beacon Hills.

In light of the show's addition to Hulu, showrunner Jeff Davis reflected on how it was meant to be marathoned before marathoning was ever really a thing. "Back when Teen Wolf first aired, the network decided to put a 'To Be Continued…' on the end of the pilot," Davis said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. "I told them we could put those words at the end of every episode. We were hoping to be binged before binging was even a thing. Now that it's on Hulu, I'm happy it can be found by a whole new audience willing to stay up late to devour as many episodes as possible."

Immediately after the show became available to stream, Teen Wolf fans took to Twitter to share their excitement.

Being able to stream Teen Wolf on Hulu is the next best thing to a revival of the series. In the years since the show ended, a number of cast members have teased the possibility of bringing Teen Wolf back in some form. Tyler Posey even straight-up tweeted at MTV that he wants a reboot at the beginning of 2020, which inspired several of his costars to voice their agreement. Later that year, Dylan O'Brien said he'd "jump at the chance" to do anything Teen Wolf-related and promised there'd be some sort of reunion in the future.

While a Teen Wolf reboot or revival is still just a wish for fans, at least now you can stream the show to your heart's content on Hulu.