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Travis Kelce's Favorite Disney Channel Movies Are Solid Picks

He doesn't play when it comes to DCOMs.

Travis and Jason Kelce may be sports superstars, but at their core, they’re just like every other millennial who grew up obsessed with Disney Channel Original Movies. On the June 12 episode of their New Heights podcast, the brothers went on an impassioned rant about which DCOMs were truly the best, and also shouted out the kids’ shows they still think hold up to this day.

The nostalgic chat kicked off because Travis got nominated in the Favorite Male Sports Star category at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards. The Nickelodeon-hosted event got the brothers reminiscing on the cartoons they grew up on. Apparently, Travis never got into SpongeBob SquarePants, even though he said Jason “used to watch it all the time.” However, Jason said he was a much bigger fan of Doug and Hey Arnold!.

But what the Kelce bros loved watching the most in their childhood were the original movies Disney Channel would air. Among their faves were Halloweentown, which Jason confessed he enjoys “low-key more than Hocus Pocus,” Alley Cats Strike (“Man, that was a good one,” Travis raved), and Luck of the Irish, which Jason confessed to recently rewatching. “Very underrated movie. I watched it again,” Jason said of the leprechaun basketball flick. “Still slaps.”

But the brothers agreed one DCOM reigns supreme above the rest. “I'm sticking with Brink!,” Jason said, crowning the 1998 inline skating movie as in his top spot. “I'm with you,” Travis agreed.

Disney Channel

The Kelces were also really into Disney Channel’s TV shows, shouting out Even Stevens as their hands-down favorite. And Travis has a pretty niche pick for his favorite character.

“I always wanted to be the oldest brother in Even Stevens,” Travis said, referencing the main character’s dumb-jock brother Donnie. “He's the sports god, he plays every single sport and they have a banner of him in the gym and he still goes there. He played more than three sports and I always wanted to do that.”

If hearing the Kelces’ rave about old Disney Channel hits inspired a nostalgic rewatch in you, all of these movies and shows can be streamed on Disney+.

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