Nigel Jones from 'Too Hot To Handle' cost the group a bit of money on Season 4.

This THTH Contestant Admitted He Thinks About Sex "Every 5 Seconds"

OK then.


Every good dating show needs a bad boy, and in Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle, that was Nigel Jones. The smooth-talking player totally shook things up right from the start, detracting from the grand prize early on thanks to his messy love triangle. And although he made it all the way to the season finale, he was tasked with choosing a winner rather than taking home any money himself. There’s more to Nigel than just what you saw on TV, though — here’s everything to know about Too Hot To Handle Season 4 star Nigel Jones.

All eyes were on Nigel when he first strutted into Season 4’s Caribbean resort, and his eyes were on pretty much every woman in the villa. Before realizing he was on a show all about celibacy, Nigel admitted to having an insatiable libido: “I think about sex every five seconds of the day.” He also teased his alter-ego “Naughty Nigel” often takes over when he’s feeling extra flirty... and sure enough, even Lana couldn’t stop Naughty Nigel from making his moves. He immediately cost the group $3,000 by kissing Kayla in Episode 2, but his inability to settle down with just one woman ended that relationship fast. By the end, though, he did seem to form a great bond with Dominique.


Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Nigel Jones’ Job

As he said on the show, Nigel is a model, entrepreneur, and personal trainer from New Jersey. A few months before Too Hot To Handle, he appeared in Nia Sultana’s “Cristal” music video. His primary focus, though, is his fitness brand Eurofit.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Nigel Jones’ Age

Nigel is 29 years old. He was born on Nov. 9, 1993, and definitely showed his Scorpio tendencies on Too Hot To Handle.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4’s Nigel Jones’ Instagram

You can see more of Nigel at his Instagram @nigeleuro_, where he posts everything from thirst traps to hot takes about dating. He also frequently updates his fitness brand Eurofit’s Instagram with workout tips.