Here's how much each sex act costs on 'Too Hot To Handle,' since the show doesn't make it clear.

Let's Discuss How Much It Actually Costs To Hook Up On Too Hot To Handle

Is it really worth it?


The concept of Too Hot To Handle is pretty simple, but actually putting it into practice involves a bit more math than you would expect from a fun, frothy dating show. The contestants are prohibited from any sexual behavior, and if they break that rule, they lose a certain amount of prize money for everyone. The tricky thing is, each sex act has a different monetary value, and the show never explicitly states what each rule break costs. Don’t worry, though, because it’s possible to figure out how much sex acts cost on Too Hot To Handle by paying attention to what is deducted after each specific act on the show.

Too Hot To Handle’s anti-sex drill sergeant is the AI robot, Lana, who keeps track of how much of the $100,000 grand prize is left after each rule break. While Lana has never actually told any of the players how much each specific sex act costs the group, she has remained mostly consistent in how much she deducts for specific actions. That means those who have been keeping up with Lana’s penalties can figure out what everything costs (not like it seems to matter to the Season 2 cast; they haven’t gone a single episode without breaking rules). But for the fans at home who *do* care about the price of a hot hookup, here’s the full breakdown:

Masturbation: $2,000

The cheapest act on the list is one that doesn’t involve another person. When Cam “relieved himself” in the shower in Season 2, Lana took $2,000 away from the pot.

Kissing: $3,000

The most common rule break of all, couples wind up kissing multiple times every season, and quickly learn that anything from a quick peck to a full-on makeout session comes with a $3,000 fee.


Manual Sex: $4,000

Going to third base actually only costs a bit more than kissing. When Emily and Cam were caught fooling around in their bed in Season 2, Lana docked the group $4,000.

Oral Sex: $6,000

Oral sex costs double the price of a kiss. Harry and Francesca found this out the hard way on Season 1 when they lost everyone $6,000 after a round of fellatio.

“Inappropriate” Touching: $5,000 - $13,000

Lana is most inconsistent in prices regarding what she deems to be “inappropriate” touching. In Season 1, Sharron and Rhonda cost the house $16,000 after a night of touching and kissing. If Lana charged them the usual $3,000 fee for kissing, then that amounts to $13,000 for sexual touching. However, in Season 2, Cam and Emily’s night in the private suite wound up costing $5,000 for sexual touching. It seems this category can vary in price depending on the extent of the touching.


Penetrative Sex: $20,000

This is the big one. When Harry and Francesca had penetrative sex in Season 1, Lana deducted $20,000 from the prize money — a whole fifth of what would have been the full grand prize.

Fans may get new info from Lana’s pricing model as Too Hot To Handle continues, but for right now, this pretty much encompasses everything we know about what costs what at the villa.