Kayla Richart from Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 4

Let's Discuss The Most Popular Too Hot To Handle Cast Member, Kayla

Nearly every man on the beach shot their shot with her.


Too Hot To Handle is a TV show all about hot people, but in any given season of the show — which is now in its fourth season on Netflix — there are one or two contestants who really stand out. In Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle, that person is Kayla Richart. As soon as everyone hit the beach, Kayla caught the eye of nearly every man, and they all started vying for her attention. That means that Kayla had her pick of the guys. Once she did make her choice, she committed to him in a big way.

In the first few episodes of Too Hot To Handle Season 4, Kayla decided to pair up with Seb Melrose. The contestants are told to stay away from each other and abstain from touching of any kind if they want a chance at the grand prize, but Kayla and Seb ignored that rule — multiple times. They’ve made their attraction clear with lots of kisses and even a forbidden tryst in the villa.

Here’s everything you need to know about Kayla from Too Hot To Handle Season 4, who’s definitely making her presence known in a big way.

Too Hot To Handle’s Kayla Richart’s Real Job

At 22 years old, Kayla has only just begun her professional life. But, she’s already making a splash as a model in Los Angeles.

Too Hot To Handle’s Kayla Richart’s Instagram

Kayla is pretty busy on Instagram, with over 140,000 followers. Not only does she post runway-worthy looks on her grid, but she also posts lifestyle shots of her experiences, like photos of yummy drinks and festive fall pumpkins. Her story highlights showcase her favorite recipes and her international travels.

Too Hot To Handle’s Kayla Richart Facts

Kayla loves plant-based foods and posts a bunch about them on her social media. She’s also busy on TikTok and posts lots of get ready with me videos there. In her Netflix bio, she says she’s a heartbreaker and a player, so her Too Hot To Handle castmates better watch out.

Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix.