The contestant of 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 4 in the location where was 'Too Hot To Handle' filmed....

The Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Villa Is A Luxe Island Stay

A paradise getaway with concierge service? Yes, please.

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Tom Dymond/Netflix

Another season of Netflix’s hit reality dating series, Too Hot To Handle, is dropping on Wednesday, Dec. 7. The contestants of Season 3 were all gorgeous (and well, too hot to handle), it looks like Too Hot To Handle Season 4 will be the same. For anyone who’s been watching since the beginning, something else will seem a bit familiar: Too Hot To Handle Season 4 will be filming in the same location where Too Hot To Handle was set before.

The Too Hot To Handle Season 4 Island Location Is Familiar

While Season 1 of Too Hot To Handle was filmed at a stunning villa in Mexico, the producers of the show decided to mix things up by bringing everyone to a paradise island for Season 2. It was easier for production in the new location, which is why Seasons 2 and 3 of Too Hot To Handle were filmed back-to-back in Turks and Caicos. At first, the reason for the change was to surprise the contestants who thought they were on a different show, but moving to the Caribbean was also better for the crew having to deal with safety and travel protocols. They must have liked Turks and Caicos a lot, because that’s where Too Hot To Handle Season 4 was filmed as well.

Turks and Caicos is a gorgeous bucket list travel location that will give you all the Too Hot To Handle vibes on its own. It was reported that the previous Too Hot To Handle villa was the Turtle Tail Estate, and from the Season 4 trailer, it looks like the new contestants will be calling the luxury vacation villa their home as well. Unfortunately, their time at the Turtle Tail Estate will be filled with trying to keep their hands off each other, but you can stay in the Too Hot To Handle filming location IRL totally stress-free. The catch is, you need to save up quite a bit if you want to stay there — even just for one night.

The Too Hot To Handle Villa Location Is Luxurious


The Too Hot To Handle estate is actually managed by Edge Retreats, which has quite a few luxury villas and island homes you can rent for a paradise getaway. However, if you’re looking for the Too Hot To Handle experience, you’ll want to rent out the Turtle Tail Estate. Previously, just one day in the Too Hot To Handle villa was around $9,000, but now, you have to input the dates you’re hoping to stay and Edge Retreats will get back to you with a price. It’s fair to assume that you’ll still be paying around $9,000 as well to stay where Too Hot To Handle was filmed. Since it sleeps about 10 people, that’s about $900 per person.

While that may seem like a lot, it may be worth it for some people to stay on their very own peninsula on the south coast of Providenciales with a private beach and a dedicated concierge who will take care of everything for you during your stay. The villa also features a gym, private tennis court, home theater, and of course, your own infinity pool — which is heavily featured in Too Hot To Handle Season 4.

You’ll also have your own housekeeper, chef, and butler on staff. This is the perfect location for couples to have a romantic getaway, but unlike the show, you won’t have to worry about kissing your partner.

Tom Dymond/Netflix

During your down time, you may like the wood-fired pizza oven and the BBQ to make delicious meals to enjoy in the al fresco dining area. After a day of tanning on the beach, exploring the island, and swimming in the pool, you and your friends can have a cute bonfire at the fire pit lounge where the cast gathers in the show. As you reminisce on your island getaway, enjoy some s’mores and cozy cocktails.

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