Jawahir Khalifa from ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 4 on Netflix

Everything To Know About Jawahir Khalifa From Too Hot To Handle

The Dutch model is bound to turn some heads.


Sometimes people find love in their own hometowns, and other times, people have to travel far and wide for chance to discover their soulmate. The latter situation is the case for Too Hot To Handle Season 4 contestant Jawahir Khalifa. Jawahir is traveling internationally for the chance to fall in love — and, of course, the chance to win $100,000, as well.

As fans of the hit Netflix reality series know, contestants join the show not only to find love, but also to try to win big. And the two things are actually a bit counterintuitive. Sexual behavior is prohibited on Too Hot To Handle, and if any of the contestants get it on, money gets deducted from the show’s grand prize. In all the previous seasons, that pesky “no touching” rule has proven to be an issue for contestants, but this could be the season everyone manages to keep their hands to themselves. (I mean, knowing how Too Hot To Handle works, that’s probably not the case, but you never know.)

Either way, Jawahir is making her way from Amsterdam to try her hand (figuratively of course, since there’s no touching allowed) at keeping her hands off everyone else in the pursuit of love and money in Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle.

Too Hot To Handle’s Jawahir Khalifa’s Real Job

Jawahir is a professional model based in her home country of Holland. Too Hot To Handle is not Jawahir’s first foray into reality TV, since she actually got her start as a professional model at age 16 when she appeared on Holland’s Next Top Model. Now at age 22, Jawahir has worked with brands like Rainkiss and Noé.

Too Hot To Handle’s Jawahir Khalifa’s Instagram

Since Jawahir is a model, it makes sense that most of her Instagram is devoted to portfolio-worthy shots of her serving looks. She also posts from her travels to places like Kenya and Bali.

Too Hot To Handle’s Jawahir Khalifa Facts

Jawahir lives in Amsterdam, but she was born in Somalia and moved to Holland when she was 8 years old. She’s only been in one relationship before joining Too Hot To Handle, so she’s in for a crash course in dating when it comes time for this season at the retreat.

Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix now.