Chloe Veitch in Season 2 of The Circle after she was in Season 1 of Too Hot To Handle

Here's How To Audition For The Circle, Too Hot To Handle, And More

Are you Netflix's next reality star?

by Ani Bundel

One of the draws of reality TV is that the contestants can really be “regular” people. Anyone can audition, be it for Big Brother, Survivor, or The Bachelor. If the producers decide you have what it takes to be on TV, boom, there you are, beamed into millions of households. With the newest wave of reality shows coming from streaming, fans might wonder how to audition for The Circle, Too Hot To Handle, and other popular shows on Netflix. And with so many shows to fill with contestants, Netflix has released its largest reality casting call ever, with instructions on how to apply.

Fans of The Circle already know Season 3 is done filming and will arrive sometime in the latter half of 2021. But Netflix execs are already looking beyond that, to Seasons 4 and 5 of the series. The series is so popular, it’s already crossed over cast members from other Netflix reality series, like Chloe Veitch, who appeared first in Too Hot To Handle. With Netflix’s latest casting call, fans can appear on either show — or perhaps both.

But The Circle and Too Hot To Handle are only two facets of Netflix’s reality series offerings. The streamer also has the hit Indian Matchmaking. Although the series was controversial when it debuted in July 2020, Netflix is bringing it back for a second season and is looking for contestants to apply.

And for those looking to try a different reality dating show that’s new to Netflix, there’s the upcoming series, Roaring Twenties. The new show is set in Austin, Texas, and will feature eight 20-somethings looking for love and success in the “new normal” of the 2020s. The series notes the cast will be “living together,” making it sound a little like Netflix Does The Real World. After the over-the-top antics of The Circle and Too Hot To Handle, perhaps the bizarreness of real life is exactly what reality shows should explore.

But dating isn’t the only thing Netflix has gotten into lately. The Great British Baking Show is a fundamental part of the streaming service’s reality show lineup, so naturally, there are also cooking competitions. The American Barbeque Showdown is Netflix’s meat-laden answer to the refined cakes of the U.K., and the first season made sure it mastered all of GBBO’s good feeling, with an extra dose of southern charm and BBQ sauce.

So, which show are you about to become the star of? Submit a casting video to Netflix and find out.