Brittan Byrd from Season 4 of 'Too Hot To Handle' on Netflix

Brittan From Too Hot To Handle Is A Legit Model

Her Instagram proves it.


The cast of Too Hot To Handle is usually made up of hot people. I mean, it’s right there in the title of the show, so audiences usually expect hotness. But there’s at least one cast member in Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle who’s actually professionally hot, since she works as a model. Brittan Byrd is turning heads both on the runway in real life and in a tropical paradise during this season of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix.

On Too Hot To Handle, a group of sexy singletons have to fight temptation in order to win big. They’re not allowed to touch each other (or themselves) until the end of the season if they want to win the $100,000 grand prize. Each time they break a rule, that sum is decreased, so the stakes are very high.

Of course, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. “Nowadays, people who are dating a lot and are hooking up a lot, they move quite quickly,” executive producer Jonno Richards told People. “So the idea was, how can you use that funny concept to perhaps help people form deeper connections, as well as it being entertaining as a social experiment?”

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Brittan as she enters this very entertaining social experiment.

Too Hot To Handle’s Brittan Byrd’s Real Job

On Brittan’s LinkedIn page, she simply lists her job as a “full-time model.” She’s under contract with Premiere Models & Talent and lists her location as Honolulu, Hawaii. Before she became a professional model, Brittan worked at Brandy Melville.

Too Hot To Handle’s Brittan Byrd’s Instagram

Evidence of Brittan’s modeling career is all over her Instagram. Her grid is full of gorgeous photos of her modeling all over the world. She’s relocated from Hawaii to Los Angeles, and a lot of her posts highlight her L.A. life.

Too Hot To Handle’s Brittan Byrd Facts

Brittan often promotes health and wellness and is a regular at an exercise studio in LA. The 22-year-old is “a self-proclaimed daddy’s girl” who “thinks she has men all figured out,” according to her THTH bio. The chances are good she’ll probably learn a bit more about men during her season of Too Hot To Handle.

Season 4 of Too Hot To Handle is streaming on Netflix.