Tom Hiddleston Posted A Cryptic Tweet That May Be About Taylor Swift

by Katie Corvino

Tom Hiddleston has stayed relatively quiet about Taylor Swift's feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

The only information we have about the 35-year-old actor's response to his girlfriend's drama came from a source close to the couple.

According to E! News, an insider said,

Tom is not annoyed by the negative media attached to Taylor. He knew that would come with the course of dating her. He has been supporting her and enjoying the time he's having with her. They're having a great time and are always laughing.

Hmm, sounds like things are still alright between the two. That's good to know, at least.

On top of that, Tom and Taylor were spotted for the first time together since Kim K's infamous Sunday night Snapchat story.

The Daily Mail was able to capture photos of the lovebirds walking together and laughing without a care in the world.

Taylor Swift must be in denial about the whole world hating on her right now. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, TAY. Just smile with your BF! Ha ha ha ha!

But Tom Hiddleston finally broke his silence on Friday evening when he posted a cryptic message on Twitter.


Are you confirming your engagement to Taylor? Did you guys break up? ARE YOU ALREADY MARRIED AND STARTING A FAMILY?

The folks of Twitter seem just as confused as I am.

Hiddleston then went on to give fans updates about his new movie, but I'm calling bullshit.

He also thanked his three million followers, even though most of them just stalk his page to get Hiddleswift updates...LOL.

WE'RE ONTO YOU, TOM. This is all about Taylor and we know it.