Tiff and Sam's breakup on 'The Ultimatum: Queer Love' was the ultimate dog fight.

Lesbian Visibility Reached New Heights With This Ultimatum Breakup Over A Dog

Still reeling from this.


The Ultimatum: Queer Love shined a light on a lot of unique issues queer women experience in the dating world. There are meaningful discussions about what it means to present masc or femme and how that can affect attraction; there’s an emotional talk about which partner will birth the couple’s future children; and then, there’s the all-important dog talk. Yes, it’s a stereotype for a reason that lesbians have an especially strong love for their dogs, and Tiff and Sam’s fight on The Ultimatum: Queer Love more than proved that.

Honestly, the writing was kind of on the wall for Tiff and Sam from the start. While Sam seemed somewhat open to the experience of testing out a marriage to someone other than Aussie, Tiff’s mind and heart never seemed to stray from Mildred. That was especially clear when it came time for the contestants to announce their trial wife choices: Tiff chose Sam, but not without telling Mildred that she wished she could choose her.

The relationship started off on bad footing, and it didn’t take long to completely fall apart. And the breaking point was Tiff’s dog Shylo. Once the couples all moved in together, it became immediately apparent that Tiff had a very, very strong bond with her four-legged friend. It was so strong that when Sam asked that Shylo not sleep in the bed with them, Tiff chose to sleep on the couch with her dog rather than in her bed with her trial wife. The next morning, Tiff accused Sam of not trying to compromise enough when it came to Shylo, and Sam responded by saying Tiff was unfairly comparing her to how her ex Mildred got along with the dog.

The whole thing escalated into an all-out screaming match, which ended with Tiff making her thoughts very clear in her confessional: “If you don’t like my dog, you can get the f*ck out.”

So, thinks may not have worked out for Tiff and Sam, but at least coming on The Ultimatum may have revealed to Tiff who her true love really is: Shylo. And honestly, all the super-invested dog parents who watched that fight could probably really relate to Tiff’s passion.