Antonio Mattei started his own business after 'The Ultimatum' Season 2.

Antonio From The Ultimatum Started His Own Business After The Show

Roxanne must be so proud.


Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The Ultimatum Season 2.

Has The Ultimatum ever hit someone as hard as Antonio? The hopeless romantic was hoping to use the show to finally convince his girlfriend Roxanne to open up to the idea of marriage, but instead, he was met with weeks of anxiety, stress, and anger. The biggest issue in his and Roxanne’s relationship was work, but Antonio has shared an exciting update about his career since filming. Here’s everything to know about Antonio’s life after The Ultimatum Season 2.

When Antonio and Roxanne entered The Ultimatum, their main issue was pretty clear. She was so laser-focused on her career and wanted a partner who shared her ambition, which she didn’t really see in her more laid-back boyfriend Antonio. Things got especially scary for Antonio when Roxanne paired up with Alex, a fellow entrepreneur who seemed to check all the boxes of what Roxanne was looking for in an ideal partner. The whole situation erupted in an incredibly tense fight after Alex told Antonio that Roxanne didn’t respect him, which caused Antonio to reconnect with his girlfriend and Roxanne to angrily end things with Alex.

Through all the drama, Antonio seemed intent on working on himself to try to convince Roxanne to say “I do” in the end. And after the show, he revealed that he’s succeeded in one major area that had been an issue for his relationship.

The Ultimatum Season 2’s Antonio Mattei’s Real Job

Antonio was working as a freight broker at the time of The Ultimatum, but after filming, he revealed that he is opening his own business. Back in July, he shared that he is the owner of a new Tint World store in Tyrone, Georgia. Tint World is a national automotive styling franchise.

The Ultimatum Season 2’s Antonio Mattei’s Age

Antonio was 30 years old during the filming of The Ultimatum Season 2.

The Ultimatum Season 2’s Antonio Mattei’s Instagram

Antonio’s Instagram is full of pics with his friends and family. And of course, there are also a ton of cute couple photos of himself and Roxanne.