Kylie Jenner in a 'House of the Dragon' spoof skit on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden.'

Kim And Kylie Battled For The Iron Throne In This HOTD Spoof

Meet the Targashians.

YouTube/The Late Late Show With James Corden

HBO’s new Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon, has drawn in millions of viewers each week since its Aug. 21 premiere. Although it’s only been a month since the show has been out, James Corden jokingly announced on the latest episode of The Late Late Show that House of the Dragon has already gotten a spinoff of its own called The Targashians. Now, why does that name song familiar?

In the hilarious parody skit, Corden plays King Keith Targashian who wants to rule Westeros with “peace and prosperity.” To prove it, he vowed to pardon one of his greatest enemies, Grayson Lannister. However, right after his announcement, his younger sister, Kim Targashian (Kim Kardashian) enters holding Lannister’s severed head.

“What? I literally just pardoned him,” Corden complained.

“Why? He’s so uninteresting. He added nothing to this kingdom,” Kim said.

Corden replied, “Because I’m the king. I make the decisions, not you, me. King Keith Targashian.”

The trailer then cuts to a Kardashians-style confessional interview. “I mean, Keith is the king right now, but let's be honest, he wouldn't be anywhere without me,” Kim told the camera.

“Kim has made it very obvious that she wants to be queen, but let’s be clear. The iron throne is all mine,” Corden said in his own confessional.

So, what credentials does Kim have to be queen? Well, apart from her obvious combat skills, she says she’s launched an armor shapewear line and grayscale cosmetics company, advocated for dungeon reform, and created her very own body butter. Of course, these are all references to Kim’s real-life accomplishments, including her Skims shapewear and SKKN skin care lines, as well as her her prison reform activism.

Kris Jenner also made an appearance during the clip as the “momager of dragons.” She raved about her children landing huge Westerosian magazine covers, like Kim on Jouster's Illustrated (aka, Sports Illustrated) and Keith on Plague (which seems to be a nod toward Vogue).

After all that bickering between Kim and Corden, Kylie Targashian (Kylie Jenner) waltzed in and took the iron throne for herself. Watch below.

YouTube/The Late Late Show With James Corden

Let’s be real. Can the Kardashians actually guest star on House of the Dragon? After all, Ed Sheeran appeared in Game of Thrones.