Stop Everything, We Finally Know What Happened To Ed Sheeran's 'Game Of Thrones' Character

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 7 is sometimes regarded as the season that wasn't quite up to snuff. Though there were scenes like "The Field of Fire" or "The Battle Beyond the Wall," there were also issues of timing. How for instance, does Daenerys come to rescue the troop beyond the Wall like someone called her mobile, and she hopped on the first dragon out of town? But perhaps the thing that irritated fans the most was Ed Sheeran's cameo appearance. True to form, the show responded, by revealing what happened to Ed Sheeran's Game Of Thrones character. It wasn't pretty. Warning: Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 follow.

For those who don't remember, Ed Sheeran played a Lannister army man, someone who joined up because there wasn't a lot of career choice to be had. His unit runs into Arya as she heads south to King's Landing, and Sheeran uses his musical skills to sing a little ditty taken from the books. When she tells them she's going to kill Cersei, they laugh and then head their separate ways.

Since then, fans have wondered what happened to that unit of the army? Was it part of the wagon train that was attacked by Daenerys in the "Field of Fire" fight scene? Was he lucky and got into King's Landing before the dragons showed up?

In the opening episode of Season 8, fans got their answer. In a scene that echoed Tyrion's brothel scene back in the Season 1 pilot episode, Bronn finds himself in the company of several ladies getting it on while he impresses them with his tales of dragon-shooting derring-do. While he's banging away on one of them, the other two start chatting.

First girl: "Hey, that boy Eddie."

Second Girl: "The ginger?"

First Girl: "That's him. Came back with his face burnt right off. He's got no eyelids now."

Second Girl: "How does he sleep with no eyelids?"

Bronn then cuts them off because that's a really depressing conversation to have to listen to while trying to get it on. As fans know, Bronn may be a mercenary, but he doesn't like to be reminded how bad others have it when he can't save them.

Tragically that's all fans hear about "Poor Eddie the Ginger," but fans can rest easy knowing Game of Thrones tortured the character for his crime of loving the show so much, he used his friendships with Kit Harington and Maisie Williams to get a cameo part.

Meanwhile, Bronn will have to wrestle with his conscience a bit more, now that Cersei has delivered to him several chests of gold in exchange for making sure neither Tyrion nor Jaime survive to come home from their battle in the North. Bronn is always up for money. But Jaime and Tyrion were men he once counted as friends, at least, as much as a man like Bronn has friends. It will be a sad moment when he finds himself face to face with either Lannister brother and has to take him down.

Maybe Tyrion and Jaime will get lucky, and Bronn will be the next one to have no eyelids. After all, he too is a singer.