The Teaser For The Idol's Finale Promises The Most Messed-Up Concert Ever

Jocelyn... girl...

Jocelyn’s farewell tour is coming much sooner than expected. The biggest surprise in Episode 4 of The Idol had nothing to do with Tedros’ shock collar or Jocelyn’s ex — it was two words that flashed on the screen after the end credits: “Season finale.” Yep, the fifth episode of The Idol will be the last for the show’s first season... and potentially the last ever. This revelation was unexpected, since the series was originally picked up to run for six episodes, and the first look at the finale only increased the anticipation for how this bonkers pop-star story will end.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The Idol Episode 4. Although most viewers didn’t know it, the stage has officially been set for The Idol’s big finale. With the tension between Jocelyn and Tedros at an all-time high after the pop superstar found out her backup dancer Dyanne was involved with the cult leader while stealing her new song, and then getting back at Tedros by sleeping with her ex, it looks like Jocelyn is ready to make her big move at last. Fans have already theorized that Jocelyn may have more control than she’s letting on, and the finale trailer adds even more fuel to that idea.

“You wanted to find a way into my life,” Jocelyn tells Tedros in the preview clip. “You wanted me to hear your artists. I like them.” The statement definitely sounds like a threat, possibly insinuating that Jocelyn plans to steal Tedros’ talent farm.

Even scarier, the teaser ends with Xander dropping another hint at Jocelyn’s hidden motives: “You don’t think people are capable of hiding who they really are?” he asks. Coming after his surprising claims that Jocelyn is actually even crueler and more calculating than her mother during Tedros’ little shock therapy treatment in Episode 4, it seems clear Xander is talking about Jocelyn.

The finale is arriving sooner than fans had expected. When HBO first picked up The Idol, it was for a six-episode run. But as has been widely publicized since then, the show allegedly faced major hurdles in production, resulting in massive rewrites. Perhaps that’s why the season is ending after five episodes, and not six.

While Season 1 is ending early, the show itself may not be over. HBO has made it very clear that despite gossip to the contrary, the network has not yet decided whether it will renew The Idol for another season or not. So fans will just have to wait to see if the story truly ends for good when The Idol’s Season 1 finale airs Sunday, July 2 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.