Chaz Lawery pretended to be a nurse in Season 5 of 'The Circle.'

Everything To Know About Nurse Chaz From The Circle

His promo for the show made him an early fan-fave.


Warning: Light spoilers for The Circle Season 5 follow. It’s never really possible to pick out a Circle winner after just one episode, but if Season 5’s premiere is any indication, Chaz Lawery would be a pretty good bet. The self-proclaimed “Shampoo Papi” entered the game with chill vibes, immediately strong bonds, and a plan to become the most like player in The Circle. Chaz is mostly playing as his authentic self, although he did fib a bit about his profession and relationship status. Here’s everything to know about the early frontrunner.

Chaz was very quick to find his footing within The Circle. Not only did his early high ranking make him one of the first influencers in the game, but he also formed a very strong bond with Sam and entered the alliance “Team Melanin” alongside Raven and Marvin. Basically, he started off the game right, and his half-catfish strategy really paid off. Chaz lied in his profile saying he’s a nurse, when in actuality, he dropped out of nursing school and is a mobile car detailer. He calls himself Shampoo Papi because much of his job is washing cars. Chaz also lied about his relationship status so that he could best navigate the all-singles season. In reality, Chaz is engaged, but he won’t be bringing that up in the game.


Here’s all the tea on Chaz’s real life.

The Circle Season 5’s Caz Lawery’s Age

Chaz was 28 while filming The Circle, but has since turned 29 on his birthday, June 7.

The Circle Season 5’s Caz Lawery’s Job

Chaz’s Shampoo Papi mobile detailing business is a much bigger deal than he made it sound in his Circle intro. He even turned it into his own TV series on Apple TV, which premiered last November.

The Circle Season 5’s Caz Lawery’s Instagram

Chaz’s Instagram shows off his love of fashion and a good selfie. Of course, he also uses the account to promote his Shampoo Papi business. Fittingly enough, his account name is the definition of on-brand: @thatshampoopapi.