Marvin Achi missed out on playing 'Big Brother' due to 'The Circle' and 'America's Got Talent.'

Marvin From The Circle Was Originally Supposed To Be On Big Brother

He also competed on America's Got Talent.


The Circle may not be the first time you’re seeing Marvin Achi. The fitness enthusiast has had quite a year in 2022, jumping from reality show to reality show, but Season 5 of The Circle is finally giving him his chance to shine. Marvin was initially supposed to be on Season 24 of Big Brother this summer, but was suddenly recast right after his name was announced. Thankfully, he *did* get to actually go on The Circle, and here’s what viewers should know about him as they watch the new season.

Warning: Light spoilers for The Circle Season 5 follow. Marvin came into The Circle with a strategy: He’d play as himself, but with one lie. Instead of revealing that he’s a chemical engineer, Marvin put his profession down as a personal trainer, hoping his competitors would underestimate his intelligence. Although Marvin said he was lying about his profession, it really isn’t much of a stretch. He actually does have a personal training website where he offers workout tips, meal plans, and one-on-one coaching. He also has some experience in front of the camera, though it’s not as much as it would have been had he actually made it into the Big Brother house.

Here’s a rundown of Marvin’s reality TV journey leading up to The Circle, as well as everything else fans should know about him.

The Circle Season 5’s Marvin Achi’s Past TV Appearances

Marvin first showed off his muscles on Season 17 of America’s Got Talent, where he wowed the judges with a chemical engineering-themed striptease.

Then, in the summer of 2022, Marvin was announced as one of the housemates for Season 24 of Big Brother. But in a surprising update, the show revealed he’d been recast just hours after his announcement. Marvin was replaced by Joseph Abdin, who went on to become a fan-favorite of the season due to his relationship with winner Taylor Hale. CBS didn’t reveal why Marvin was suddenly recast, but it was reportedly due to contractual issues over his appearances on other shows. Now that it’s known he filmed The Circle prior to the Big Brother announcement, this theory holds even more weight.

The Circle Season 5’s Marvin Achi’s Job

Marvin is a chemical engineer from Houston, Texas. He is also in the fitness space with his own fitness app, Zindu Transform and his own nutrition supplement, Zindu Nutrition.

The Circle Season 5’s Marvin Achi’s Age

As he stated in his intro, Marvin was 27 while filming The Circle.

The Circle Season 5’s Marvin Achi’s Instagram

Marvin’s Instagram is devoted to his fitness journey. He shares workout tips and gym selfies at @marvinachi.