Raven Sutton is the first Deaf contestant on 'The Circle.'

Raven Sutton Is Making History As The Circle's First Deaf Contestant

She's here to spread awareness... and slay while she's doing it.


Warning: Light spoilers for The Circle Season 5 follow. Season 5 of The Circle changed up the game by ensuring all the players (or at least their in-game personas) were single, and Raven Sutton began thriving in the flirty environment immediately. Not only did she twerk her way to becoming one of the first influencers of the season, but she’s also made history as the reality show’s first Deaf contestant.

As a proud Deaf advocate and performer, Raven came into The Circle as her 100% authentic self... although, she did hide one big detail about her game: She’s sharing her room with her friend and interpreter Paris McTizic, which she hasn’t revealed to any other player yet. The two get the benefit of joking around and talking strategy together, although Raven made very clear she’d be communicating from her profile alone.

It didn’t take long at all for Raven to become an immediate frontrunner in the game, getting the highest position in the first rankings and becoming an influencer. But ranking can drastically change very fast within The Circle, so fans will still have to hold out hope Raven can keep her top spot over the next few weeks. While you watch her slay the game, here’s what you should know about Raven and her interpreter Paris in real life.


The Circle Season 5’s Raven Sutton’s Age

Raven was 26 when she filmed The Circle, but has since turned 27 on Feb. 28.

The Circle Season 5’s Raven Sutton’s Job

Raven is a social worker from Maryland who graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. She uses her social platforms to inform her thousands of followers on Deaf issues.

The Circle Season 5’s Raven Sutton’s Instagram

Raven was already a social media pro before she logged into The Circle. You can check out all her photos and videos on her Instagram @bluejay19xx. Her interpreter Paris can also be found on Instagram at @parismctizic.