These 'The Bachelor' Halloween costumes are perfect for any superfan.
14 Bachelor-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Deserve The Final Rose

You’re obviously here for the right reasons.

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October is the best time of year for so many reasons — one of which is that it’s officially Halloween season. Costume lovers look forward to this holiday with the kind of fierce, competitive attitude that you’d expect to see from an athlete at a professional sporting event. If you take Halloween very seriously and plan your costume choices around current pop culture events, you’ll love these Bachelor Halloween costume ideas that showcase your encyclopedic knowledge of the show.

Whether you want to shout out Michelle Young’s upcoming season (which premieres October 19) or throw it back to a fan-favorite lead like Hannah Brown, Kaitlyn Bristowe, or Nick Viall, the options are endless and customizable based on items you already have in your closet. Grab a friend and put together a coordinating Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe ensemble, or do the absolute most as Connor Brennan in his infamous cat onesie from his limo entrance on Katie Thurston’s season. When it comes to Halloween costume choices, this franchise is pure gold — it has been serving constant doses of romance, heartbreak, and drama since 2002.

Superfans will love these specific and hilarious references to the biggest Bachelor moments, from the most recent seasons way back to the forever faves.

Tayshia Adams & Kaitlyn Bristowe
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Is there any doubt that Adams and Bristowe are the reigning queens of The Bachelorette? Fans fell in love with their camaraderie when they took over hosting duties for Katie Thurston’s season after Chris Harrison’s departure from the franchise in June 2021. Channel their warm, supportive BFF energy with a costume paying homage to their coordinating looks. Ideas include the country western ensembles they wore during the mud wrestling group date, or the metallic silver and pink numbers they wore during After The Final Rose.

Katie Thurston’s Limo Entrance

Never has there been a better character arc than Katie Thurston’s: She made her limo entrance as a contestant on Matt James’ season with a purple vibrator in hand, gained a following on TikTok for her honest, hilarious dates on sex and dating, then ultimately ended up finding the love of her life, Blake Moynes, on her season of The Bachelorette. If you rightfully stan this sex-positive icon, call it back to her TV debut by wearing a lavendar sequin gown and carrying a vibrator or other sex toy. You’re sure to have the people buzzing.

Michelle Young From Her Bachelorette Promo

Bachelor Nation was lucky enough to get not one but two Bachelorettes in 2021, and it is honestly a gift that keeps on giving. When Michelle Young’s Bachelorette promo dropped on August 31, fans lost their minds over the glorious gold one-shoulder dress Young wears in the clip. To recreate this look, grab an old prom or formal dress from your closet — or try thrifting or vintage shopping for one. Don’t forget to carry a basketball or apple (to signify Young’s history in college sports or her current job as an elementary school teacher) and say “I’m looking for someone who is going to change the world with me” whenever someone asks.

Well Adams, The Bachelor In Paradise Bartender
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Who would have guessed that Wells Adams, the shy, sweet radio host from Jojo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette, would go on to become the godfather of Bachelor in Paradise? The former contestant now works as the bartender during BiP, where he gives the cast members sage advice about pursuing or ending relationships. Adams’ look is easy to copy — just pick up a red, blue, or black button-down and emblazon “Wells” across the front. Then carry a piña colada and live your best life.

Matt James & Lindsay Arnold On Dancing With The Stars

It’s common practice by now for former Bachelor leads to appear on Dancing With The Stars, and James has picked up the torch for the current season of the dancing competition. He has big shoes to fill — Hannah Brown and Kaitlyn Bristowe won the last two seasons, respectively — and he really showed out on night one during his cha-cha with Lindsay Arnold. Make it a couples costume with your partner by coordinating in a bright blue dress and a suit with an animal print button down underneath.

Joe Amabile On The Beach In Paradise

If the Twitter discourse is any indication, “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile is the rightful king of BiP this season. In between his romantic gestures to Serena Pitt and tense discussions with Kendall Long, Amabile can be seen napping, gazing pensively out into the waves, or sporting slide sandals with tube socks no matter the weather. It’s quite a contrast to the *lewks* being served by his fellow contestant on the beach, but Amabile kind of owns it? Lucky for you, it’s also an extremely easy costume: You literally just need sandals, socks, and a basic t-shirt and shorts. Done.

Connor Brennan In His Cat Onesie
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Whether you loved it or hated it, there’s no denying that Falcon’s cat costume left an impression on Katie Thurston. The Nashville musician and the Bachelorette had an instant connection on night one, and although it sadly fizzled out after a few weeks, Brennan still developed a loyal fan base and got another shot at love on Bachelor in Paradise. If you love cats as much as he does, throw on a onesie and prepare some purr-fect puns for the occasion.

James Bonsall AKA The “Bro In A Box”

Bonsall wins the award for “most commitment put into a limo entrance look.” On night one of Katie Thurston’s season, he showed up inside a giant wrapped box and waited most of the night for Thurston to open it and let him out. The box made another appearance in his Bachelor in Paradise intro clip, and he is continually referred to as “Bro in a Box” on his BiP chyron. This DIY costume can be made out of any large box you have sitting around the house. But, contrary to Bonsall’s approach, you might want to cut a hole to poke your head out.

Queen Victoria

Victoria Larson made herself known as “Queen Victoria” on Matt James’ season, then reinvented herself as “Goddess” on BiP. She was rarely seen without a crown or a halo, and she made it quite clear that she deserved to be treated like royalty. If you’re hoping to channel this energy for Halloween — and honestly, why wouldn’t you?! — grab any flowy dress and tiara, and tell everyone around you to bow down.

The Bachelor In Paradise Guest Hosts
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Bachelor in Paradise has had a rotating cast of celebrity guest hosts this season, with a new face being introduced every couple of weeks. This makes for the ideal group costume (or you could go alone as your favorite host). You’ll need Hawaiian shirts for Lance Bass or Lil Jon, tropical print shorts for Tituss Burgess, or a polo shirt and fedora for David Spade.

Rejected Bachelor Contestant

One easy solo costume that you can throw together on a moment’s notice is a scorned Bachelor contestant who’s just been sent home. Don an evening gown fit for a rose ceremony, and smudge your makeup as if you’ve been crying. You can also carry a rose that’s been picked down to the final few petals.

The Windmill From Hannah Brown’s Season

Who could forget the windmill? The cozy Netherlands hideaway where Hannah Brown and Peter Weber had their fantasy suite date became the breakout star of The Bachelorette in 2019. To pay homage to the windmill on Halloween, wear a simple brown dress and create a windmill blade contraption to wear on your back or atop your head. You’ll be instantly recognizable to anyone who followed the drama back then.

Dean Unglert, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, & The Van

OG Bachelor in Paradise watchers will remember the moment on Season 6 when Caelynn Miller-Keyes decided to leave the beach with Dean Unglert. The two posted photos of themselves living the van life after the show — and while they’ve since bought a house and gotten a dog, they are still traveling the world and vlogging about it. If you and your partner have access to a van (or maybe a large cardboard cutout of one), you can wear Miller-Keyes’ always-perfect makeup and hair look, combined with Unglert’s beanie and mustache. It’s an “opposites attract” kinda vibe.

The New Bachelor

Filming for the upcoming season of The Bachelor begins this fall, and the rumors are spreading about who is set to appear as the new lead. Since the news hasn’t been officially announced by the franchise, you could easily dress up as the “mystery Bachelor” by wearing a suit and holding a question mark poster in front of your face. Recruit your friends by having them wear evening gowns and hold roses. Who will win that coveted final rose?

With these creative and perfectly timed costume ideas, you’re sure to win over your friends who love The Bachelor as much as you do. As any local member of Bachelor Nation would tell you, you're most certainly "there for the right reasons."

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