'Ted Lasso' still features Olivia Wilde's last name Cockburn as an Easter egg despite her breakup wi...

Ted Lasso Still Has An Olivia Wilde Easter Egg Despite Jason Sudeikis Breakup

Sudeikis’ ex is still a small part of the show.

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When Ted Lasso premiered back in 2020, creator and star Jason Sudeikis included a cute nod to his then-fiancée Olivia Wilde in the AFC Richmond locker room. A lot has changed since then, both in the world of the show and in Sudeikis’ personal life, but the locker room has remained the same. Even after his messy breakup with Wilde, Sudeikis’ small tribute to her is still visible in Ted Lasso’s third season.

Fans first noticed the subtle nod to Wilde hidden in Ted Lasso back when the show first premiered. The AFC Richmond locker room included one locker labeled “Cockburn,” which is Wilde’s real last name. In a 2022 60 Minutes interview, Sudeikis confirmed most of the names on the lockers are shoutouts to formative people in his life, with Cockburn of course being one of them.

In light of Sudeikis’ tumultuous breakup with Wilde, which had escalated to become some of the biggest celebrity drama of 2022, some fans assumed the Easter egg would be erased from the series in Season 3. But when the season premiere dropped on May 15, the Cockburn locker was fully visible.

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It would’ve been a bit tricky to get rid of the name since it also belongs to a Ted Lasso character. Declan Cockburn is a forward on the fictional soccer team, and although he’s definitely not one of the players who gets the spotlight very often on the show, suddenly giving him a new last name would be a bit bizarre.

So, Wilde will still be part of the Ted Lasso team, even if she’s not involved with the coach anymore. Sudeikis and Wilde were together for nearly a decade before they called it quits. They first began dating in 2011, then got engaged in 2013. A year after their engagement, they had their son, Otis, and then their daughter, Daisy, in 2016. Their long engagement came to an end in 2020, and rumors of friction between the exes became a public fascination as Wilde began dating her Don’t Worry Darling co-star Harry Styles.

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While the whole world may still be gossiping about where Wilde and Sudeikis really stand (and what was so special about her salad dressing), it looks like they at least have one safe space in the AFC Richmond locker room.