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Um, Taylor Just Addressed Those Midnights Tour Wishes

Okay, this sounds so promising.

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So far, Taylor Swift’s Midnights era has been nothing short of a phenomenon. Upon its Oct. 21 release, the album crashed Spotify and broke several sales and streaming records. Not to mention, there are all the Easter Eggs she’s dropped within in this promo cycle. Amid all these major moments, it seems there are even more Swiftian surprises to come.

The latest bombshell announcement? Well, Swift might just be going on tour.

Swift teased the idea of a Midnights tour during her Oct. 24 appearance on The Tonight Show. After chatting about her songwriting process for the album, host Jimmy Fallon asked if she had plans to hit the road on tour.

“I think I should do it,” Swift said in the interview, following up with vague details. “When it’s time, we’ll do it.” Welp, start saving up Swifties.

Swift also told Fallon she misses performing live. “I miss when you write songs and you’re proud of the songs and you have the fans reacting,” she said. “The most potent way that you can see them react is when you’re looking into their faces…I really miss that connection.”

Swift’s last concert series was the Reputation Stadium Tour in 2018. In 2020, she planned to tour in support of her Lover Fest album, but it was postponed due to the pandemic. She officially announced the Lover Fest tour dates were cancelled in February 2021, according to Variety.

Unsurprisingly, rumors of a Midnights tour preceded the album’s release. The anticipation heightened on Sept. 30, when Page Six reported the star would be hitting the road next summer.

Then, closer to the record’s release date, her U.K. store further hinted that a tour might be in the works.

The website revealed that customers who pre-ordered the album would receive a special pre-sale code for “forthcoming and yet to be announced Taylor Swift UK show dates” in 2023.

Taylor Swift's UK Store

Between Swift’s vague, yet promising comments on The Tonight Show and Beyoncé’s tour confirmation, summer 2023 sounds like a dream year to see live-music. Just as it should be.