SNL Video Pokes Fun At Hillary Clinton In The Woods Photos

Like anything that gets posted on Facebook once with millions of shares, Hillary Clinton's infamous "I'm-just-strolling-through-the-woods-like-a-normal-person" photos have become a trend.

The first photo of Clinton hiking in the woods surfaced just one day after conceding the election to president-elect Donald Trump, and featured an emotional post by the woman who ran into her, Margot Gerster.


And though the shining star of Saturday's episode of "SNL" was Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Donald Trump's Twitter obsession, a close second was the hilarious spoof titled, "The Hunt For Hill."


The skit likens Hillz to the Loch Ness monster or Big Foot, and enlists a Sci-Fi Channel-esque team to interview witnesses and dust for footprints.

Hillary Clinton isn't mythical, but that doesn't make a sighting of her any less coveted.

To make this skit even funnier, Clinton has been seen in the woods IRL multiple times over the last 20 years hiking in the same fleece, recently launching memes claiming the jacket has more experience than Trump does.


"SNL" crops actress Kate McKinnon wearing the same fleece into the real posts of fans who have spotted Clinton. One "eyewitness" refers to Hillary as an "it" and claims she wanted to thank Hillary, so chased her. The investigators say,

"Our search begins in the woods of Chappaqua, where Hillary Clinton has recently been sighted by a bunch of white people with Facebook accounts."


Then the witness explains, "It seemed like it wanted time to itself, so I immediately started running after it. "


The "investigators" call to Hillary using her signature chuckle response to Trump.


They "enticed" Hillary by leaving around articles about the recount in Wisconsin.


Eventually, the crew gives up, after a psychic woodsman tells them Hillary has left to go grocery shopping.


And the hunt shall continue.

Check out the entire skit below:

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