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Shay Mitchell Has An Important Message For Mommy Shamers On Social Media

Haters are not on Shay's list of priorities.

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Mommy-shaming is never cool, and Shay Mitchell wants her haters to know it. Recently, when the 34-year-old celeb — who’s not only a mother of one, but a successful actor, model, and entrepreneur — talked about her motherhood experience, she made it clear that she has zero energy for negative comments about her approach to being a mom. Honestly, Shay Mitchell’s response to mommy shamers was *the* best clapback.

These days, Mitchell is no stranger to the parenting game. The Pretty Little Liars and Dollface actor gave birth to her baby girl, Atlas Noa, in October 2019, so she and her long-time boyfriend, actor Matte Babel, have been embracing parenthood for nearly two years now. However, like any mom in the public eye, Mitchell receives plenty of criticism for how she chooses to parent. In a June 7 interview with People magazine, the actor shared how she really feels about her haters’ two (more like two-thousand) cents.

"I don't pay attention to the mom-shaming, I don't have time for it," Mitchell said. “You're doing the best job that you can do, and that should be your main focus. I give all of my time and energy to Atlas and things that are important in my life. Focusing on the negative comments that people say on social media is definitely not one of my priorities.”

Mitchell’s overall “I ain’t got time for that” mindset is totally on point. Moms already have enough on their minds, and unsolicited negativity from trolls is both unnecessary and inappropriate. Still, haters can’t help but get all up in the actor’s business — even if they don’t know the whole story.

Case in point: Back in 2019, some folks were judging her for attending Drake’s birthday party because they assumed she’d given birth just days before. In reality, Mitchell had delivered Atlas weeks before she publicly announced her daughter’s birth. Nosy, much?

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Mitchell’s People interview isn’t the first time she’s said it like it is. In January, she told fellow mama, model, and Pretty Big Deal podcast host Ashley Graham that being a mom doesn’t automatically negate living a full life.

“How dare you make a new mom, who's already going through a lot of doubt and guilt when she leaves for the first time, [feel guilty?]” she asked. “That should be something that's celebrated. You're living your life, as you did before and as you will continue to with your child."

So true, Shay! Go ahead and live your best mama life.