'Emily In Paris' fans have a theory about Samantha Jones being in Season 3.

Emily In Paris Fans Have The Best Theory About A SATC Crossover In Season 3

It's the crossover everyone deserves.


And just like that, Emily in Paris fans are dreaming up a fabulous new adventure for everyone’s favorite expat. It’s no secret the Darren Star-created series shares tons of DNA with Star’s seminal dramedy SATC; Emily in Paris has even included a bunch of references to its sister series throughout its first two seasons. Now, some fans think EIP’s Season 2 finale could be setting up a huge crossover between the two shows. Here’s why people are genuinely wondering whether SATC’s own Samantha Jones will be in Emily in Paris Season 3.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Emily in Paris Season 2 finale. At the end of its second season, Emily in Paris left Emily with a life-changing decision, but viewers also picked up on a detail that could open the door for a truly next-level cameo in a potential third season. Despite Emily’s feelings for Gabriel, she ended the season still in a relationship with Alfie, the British banker she grew close with after meeting him in her French language class. When Alfie informed Emily he had to return to London immediately, they agreed to try to make the long-distance thing work. So, it seems Emily and Alfie will be trying out an LDR in Season 3, which could include Emily making some trips to London to visit her BF... which is where this Samantha fan theory comes into play.

Basically, fans are hoping Emily will run into PR maven Samantha Jones during one of her romantic trips to London. After all, the new SATC reboot And Just Like That revealed Samantha is now based in London, and her PR career is honestly not too different from Emily’s marketing job. Who better than Samantha to give Emily some much-needed pointers in climbing the corporate ladder while being the life of the party?


Once fans realized the potential of a Samantha cameo in the next season of Emily in Paris, social media flooded with excitement over the idea.

As SATC fans well know, Kim Cattrall has made it clear she isn’t interested in returning to the iconic HBO series, which is why she’s absent from And Just Like That. But maybe she’d be down to bring back Samantha for another show? Fans will just have to keep on hoping this theory proves true if Emily in Paris returns for a third season, which would likely premiere toward the end of 2022.