'Emily in Paris' Season 2's finale ended on a cliffhanger, so here are some Season 3 thoeries.

5 Emily In Paris Season 3 Theories

Is Emily leaving Paris?!

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Nobody can get the internet talking quite like Emily Cooper. The fashion-forward influencer finally returned for another full seasons romantic drama and career bombshells, but the biggest shocks came in the final moments of Emily in Paris Season 2. After *that* major cliffhanger, here are some of the prominent Emily in Paris Season 3 theories to think over while you wait for the next season.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Emily in Paris Season 2 finale. Emily was forced to make a huge decision at the end of Season 2. After Sylvie, Julien, and Luc quit Savoir due to Madeline’s controlling management, Emily’s world was split in two. Her French cohorts offered her a spot in their new firm, but Emily is on track for a promotion with the Gilbert Group if she moves back to Chicago as planned.

The decision was further complicated by an unfortunate reunion. After finally working up the courage to tell Gabriel she loves him, Emily learned he had once again gotten back together with Camille. Heartbroken, Emily called up Sylvie and declared she’d made her decision... although viewers never got to hear what that decision is. TBH, it feels pretty obvious what she will decide, so let’s start there.

1. Emily will stay in Paris.

The show is literally called Emily in Paris — she’s not going to leave! Paris is an integral part of the show’s DNA, so if Netflix does pick up a third season, it’s pretty much guaranteed it will continue to be set in the City of Lights. Sure, finding out about Gabriel and Camille might have made Emily want to pack up and go home, but she always puts her career first and it’s clear she really values Sylvie’s mentorship.

2. Emily and Alfie will break up.


Poor Alfie never really stood a chance, did he? The English banker managed to charm Emily throughout Season 2, but Emily’s heart was always with Gabriel, even when she was dating the former. While the two ended Season 2 still in a relationship, Alfie revealed he has to move back to London, which is sure to put a strain on things, as long-distance romances often do. All in all, the Emily-Alfie relationship clearly has an expiration date that’s fast approaching.

3. Emily will finally start dating Gabriel.

Emily in Paris fans have waited two full seasons for these two to finally get together for real, and Season 3 may finally be the time. Sure, Gabriel just restarted things with Camille, but there’s a big fact he doesn’t yet know that could change everything. In Season 2, Camille made Emily promise neither of them would date Gabriel, which was secretly the reason Emily stopped pursuing him. Now that Camille has broken that promise, Emily could expose her, or Gabriel could learn the truth some other way. Either way, he’ll probably realize Emily was only keeping him at bay because of a promise, not because she stopped having feelings for him.

4. Mindy will confront her father.

The drama with Mindy’s family has been talked about a lot on the show, but audiences have yet to actually meet her parents. Season 2 included a near-run-in with Mindy’s dad in Saint-Tropez, revealing she does miss him, despite their rift. All those little mentions could be building up to Mindy finally reuniting with her family to clear the air in Season 3.

5. Julien will finally get his own love story.


Julien had a rough go of things in Season 2. Not only did Emily constantly steal his thunder at work, but also, when Mindy tried to set him up with her bandmate, Benoît, the musician turned out to have feelings for Mindy — not Julien. It’s about time Julien gets some love, and it looks like it might happen in Season 3. Julien had a brief flirtation with Ellen von Unwerth’s assistant, Gerhardt, which ended in an invitation to visit him in Germany. Here’s hoping things will start looking up for Julien in Season 3.

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