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The Red, White & Royal Blue Trailer Promises Extravagance, Messy Gay Romance & Cake

Your fave novel is about to be your fave movie.

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International political arrangements have never been steamier than in Red, White & Royal Blue, the hit 2019 novel about the son of a U.S. president falling for a British prince. And now, the beloved gay romance is coming to life in a movie adaptation. The first looks are already super promising, so here’s everything fans should know about the upcoming Red, White & Royal Blue movie, including when it still stream.

Red, White & Royal Blue became a sensation when it was released in 2019. Author Casey McQuiston drew inspiration from Veep, the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton biographies, and the love story of Prince William and Kate Middleton to create their own dishy romance. The novel centers around an enemies-to-lovers affair between Alex Claremont-Diaz — the son of America’s first female president — and Prince Henry Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor, third in line to the throne of England. Initially, Alex and Henry hate one another, but as their rivalry threatens to erupt into a diplomatic catastrophe for U.S-British relations, they are forced to pretend to be friendly, which soon leads to an unexpected romance.

The film will drop on Prime Video very soon. However, until then, the platform has released small details, including the trailer and the cast— which is quite buzzy to say the least. Here’s everything to expect.

Red, White & Royal Blue Cast

At the center of the love story is Taylor Zakhar Perez as Alex and Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry. Both actors have earned their rom-com bonafides — Perez starred in the Kissing Booth film series, while Galitzine has played a lovestruck prince before in 2021’s Cinderella.

The rest of the cast includes Uma Thurman as Ellen Claremont, Alex’s mother and America’s first woman president; Rachel Hilson as Nora Holleran, Alex’s close friend; Sarah Shahi as Zahra Bankston, the president’s deputy chief of staff; Ellie Bamber as Princess Bea, Henry’s older sister; and Malcolm Atobrah as Percy Okonjo, Henry’s best friend.

Red, White & Royal Blue Photos

Prime Video released first-look photos for Red, White & Royal Blue on June 12, highlighting some romantic moments between Alex and Henry... as well as the infamous wedding cake incident that kickstarts their relationship.

Prime Video
Prime Video
Prime Video

Other photos provide a glimpse at the rest of the cast. They show Alex and Henry hanging out at a club with their besties Nora and Percy, Alex with his presidential mother Ellen, Henry taking a walk with his sister Bea, and President Claremont’s loyal advisor Zahra.

Prime Video
Prime Video
Prime Video
Prime Video

Red, White & Royal Blue Trailer

While the first-look photos of Red, White & Royal Blue are intriguing, the trailer certainly takes the cake. The official trailer, which Prime Video released on July 6, is about as chaotic as any enemies-to-lovers romance. The lively video begins with Thurman chastising Alex for not listening to her one instruction when attending a royal wedding: “Don’t cause an international incident.” This is a nod to Alex and Harry’s dramatic fight scene that led them to knock over a wedding cake. Or, as the tabloids famously penned it, “The Buttercream Summit.”

The next few scenes see the two suitors building their fake friendship, which involves a ton of dry banter and media press. Their disdain blossoms into an unexpected romance that could ultimately crumble Thurman’s re-election campaign. With so much at stake, this tests the limits of their relationship and leaves viewers with a hollowing ‘what-if’ scenario.

Red, White & Royal Blue Release Date

The movie will be available to stream on Prime Video on Aug. 11.

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