Red Velvet talks to Elite Daily about their latest EP, 'The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm.'

Red Velvet Knows ReVe Festival Is More Than A Fantasy

Up next? The possibility of a tour.

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

Red Velvet is ready for spring. The group, composed of members Joy, Yeri, Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy, declared themselves spring queens on their latest EP, The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm, when it was released in March. In the lyrics to “Feel My Rhythm,” their upbeat, whimsical single, they encourage fans to stop and smell the roses — the right vibe for a release after two years stuck indoors.

“[‘Feel My Rhythm’] has a classic and modern sound,” Irene tells Elite Daily. “Above all, it’s a track with an energetic yet elegant vibe that Red Velvet can pull off very well, once again showcasing our unique identity.”

The group is keeping busy. Recently, they dropped two Korean EPs: Queendom in August of last year and The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm last month. They also just released their first Japanese studio album, Bloom, on April 6. (Sensing the floral theme?) The record featured a few new tracks, as well as Japanese versions of previously released songs. But the Feel My Rhythm EP best exemplifies where Red Velvet’s head is at today as they return to their main K-pop discography.

The record bursts with the urge to let loose. It’s a fitting aesthetic for the group because, as the EP makes clear, Red Velvet is reinventing their sound, mixing their trademark fierce hooks with classy instrumentals and introspective lyrics about life. The result is a concept that’s powerful yet thoughtful.

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

In 2019, the group dropped two EPs and a compilation album around the concept. Their 2021 offering is their first official return to the ReVe fantasia. “We wanted to express Red Velvet’s very own imaginative world,” Seulgi says about the inspiration behind their latest musical era. She’s referring to their ReVe Festival series, which is a combination of “imagination” and “reality.”

Of course, ReVe has multiple meanings. It’s a shorted version of the group’s name and the French word for “dream.” This “imaginative” world Red Velvet has created is a dreamlike place where anything is possible, and it’s all there on The ReVe Festival tracklist. It’s filled with playful and, yes, imaginative songs, beginning with the catchy lead single “Feel My Rhythm” that combines EDM and trap with the sounds of classic violins from Bach’s “Air on the G String.” While the genres featured in the song couldn’t be any more different from one another, Red Velvet mixes them seamlessly and effortlessly.

Red Velvet further showcases their versatility on their disco-inspired B-side “BAMBOLEO,” which is all about dancing like no one is watching. The group also exudes positivity in their R&B number “Good, Bad, Ugly.” The track includes lyrics as sweet as its melody. “Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and ugly, though I love me,” the girls sing. In the song, they also recite the famous Forrest Gump line, “Life is a box of chocolates.” Yeri says the lyrics were inspired by the metaphor of “picking and trying different pieces” in life.

Red Velvet then closes out their album with the hauntingly beautiful track “In My Dreams,” which is about the all too universal feeling of pining. The song begins almost like a lullaby with twinkling instrumentals and the girls’ whispering vocals before it launches into its powerful chorus. “Don't wake me up / Deceive me sweetly in my dreams,” Red Velvet sings.

This might be just how ReVeluv, the name for Red Velvet’s fan base, are feeling now. To celebrate the release of their EP, Red Velvet was supposed to put on two special performances called The ReVe Festival: Prologue in March. The shows were to occur over the first weekend in spring. According to Soompi, the shows would have been their first performances together as a full group in over two years.

Courtesy of SM Entertainment

After several members of the group tested positive for COVID-19, both shows were put on hold and have yet to be rescheduled. “I was disappointed that it had to be postponed, but it was only right to wait until the circumstances improve since everyone’s health and safety come first,” Wendy says.

Still, the girls are optimistic they’ll reunite with fans soon. They hope to embark on another world tour, but an uncertain world stifles any official plans. “We’re working hard to put together amazing performances for when the time comes,” Joy says.

In the meantime, fans have The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm EP to tide themselves over. “I personally receive a lot of positive energy by listening to music by other artists, so I hope ReVeluvs feel the same energy from our new EP,” Wendy says.

It’s likely the EP will do just that. The songs succeed in immersing listeners into their fantasy-like world filled with endless possibilities. As Yeri tells fans, “We put our heart and soul into this album and appreciate all the love you’ve shown us so far. Stay tuned for more amazing music from Red Velvet.”

Red Velvet’s The ReVe Festival 2022 - Feel My Rhythm EP is now available on all streaming platforms.