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Selena’s BFF Raquelle Stevens Is The Unexpected Star Of ‘My Mind & Me’

She also stars on Selena + Chef.

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In her new documentary, My Mind & Me, Selena Gomez offered an intimate glimpse into her physical and mental health conditions. However, her raw testimonies of embracing vulnerability and learning to live with her various diagnoses weren’t the only takeaways from the film. Whether intentional or not, the singer’s close friend Raquelle Stevens became an unexpected star of the doc.

The film chronicled six years in Gomez’s life, and Stevens was there every step of the way. This included notable moments traveling with Gomez on a philanthropic trip to Kenya, accompanying her on a business trip to Paris, and comforting Gomez during personal struggles.

While some viewers praised Stevens for being a voice of reason to the singer, other fans were less charitable about Stevens’ role in Gomez’s life. Regardless of what fans think, it’s clear from the doc — as well as a quick look at Gomez’s Instagram page — that she’s quite close with Stevens. In fact, their friendship goes back years.

Here’s everything to know about Stevens and her friendship with Gomez.

Stevens and Gomez Have Been Friends For Over A Decade

Talk about a life-long friendship. It’s not exactly known when Gomez and Stevens first met; however, the duo has been in each other’s life for quite some time. Stevens alluded to the length of their friendship in a July Instagram post. In honor of Gomez’s 30th birthday, Stevens shared a photo with the singer alongside their close friends Ashley Cook and Courtney Lopez.

The photo appears to be from Gomez’s birthday party. “Decade of life together, so grateful! Happy 30th Selly we love you so much,” Stevens wrote.

A few weeks later, Gomez shared a series of loving photos with the same group of friends, including Stevens. Gomez captioned her Instagram post, “My Best with My Best.”

They have traveled extensively together

Of course, with having such a lengthy friendship, the pair have been on several trips together, including Instagrammed stops in New York and Hawaii. Stevens even posted in some in real-time from trips shown in the documentary, like their trip to Paris

Stevens Is An Author

In October 2022, Stevens announced on Instagram that she and her longtime friend Tanya Rad wrote a book called The Sunshine Mind. The self-help guide will be released on Jan. 31, 2023.

According to the book’s official website, The Sunshine Mind is comprised of 100 personal readings about living with purpose, religious faith, and strong mental health while pursuing passions.

“We pray that this book – and the sunshine mindset – creates a beautiful community of people who want to live life through hope-colored glasses,” Stevens wrote on Instagram.

Stevens Hosts a Podcast

In September 2019, Stevens created a social awareness video podcast titled Giving Back Generation. It’s functioned as both an audio podcast on Apple and Spotify and as a show through the social media app TaTaTu.

The series features guest interviews and discussions about social issues like inclusivity, mental health, and philanthropy. Nina Dobrev and Sofia Carson have both appeared on the podcast. Gomez has also appeared, several times.

In a May press release, Stevens opened up about the video podcast’s mission of erasing the stigma surrounding mental health ahead of its second and third seasons. “All of the conversations in both seasons are uplifting and inspiring, but [they] also offer practical ways to better our mental health in these uncertain times we are living in,” Stevens said.

Stevens Appears On Selena + Chef

There’s nothing better than learning how to cook with a friend by your side. Stevens is a regular on Gomez’s HBO Max cooking show, Selena + Chef. She often provides commentary and assistance in the kitchen.

Stevens even gave viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the episode on Instagram in September, ahead of the show’s fourth season.

“All 10 episodes of Selena + Chef Season 4 are out now 👩‍🍳👩‍🍳 We had so much fun. Will always be grateful for these memories. Thanks to all of the amazing chefs and the best team ever,” she wrote.

By the looks of Gomez and Stevens’ interactions over the years, it seems their friendship is here to stay.

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