Lyric Ross as Deja in This Is Us

Every Question This Is Us Needs To Answer Before The Finale Ends

Fans. Need. CLOSURE.

by Ani Bundel
Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Since the very first episode, This Is Us has tantalized viewers with mysteries. The past was an undiscovered country, the future completely unknown. From fans needing to know how Jack passed to how Kevin went from football to acting, the show has been full of questions. Over the last five-and-a-half seasons, the writers have handed out answers, but there are still a few questions This Is Us must answer before the finale brings it all to a close. Let’s run down the plot holes that remain.

Even as the series has answered questions of the past, its raised other ones about the future: How did Kate go from Toby to Phillip? Who will Kevin ultimately marry? Thus far, it’s been pretty good at making sure the loose ends are nailed down. (Heck, one episode was even polite enough to throw in a reveal of how Jack went from his 1970s shag to that 1980s mustache, and the sweet reason for it.)

But as the hours tick down in This Is Us’ final season, there are still a few blanks left to fill, many of which stem from the flash-forward the show has not spent a lot of time in, in which Rebecca lays on her deathbed. Here are the remaining mysteries the show still hasn’t cleared up.

1. Why Does Rebecca Leave California?

Kate and Phillip’s wedding in 2026 revealed a Rebecca who was beginning to slide downhill as her dementia worsened. She spent half the wedding talking to Kevin as if he were Jack in 1998 and addressing Sophie as if it were 2001. But Miguel seemed to have his hand on the tiller, and Kate and Phillip’s music sessions with her were keeping part of her in the present.

So why does Rebecca end up leaving California to go live with Kevin in Pennsylvania? Kevin being bicoastal makes sense; he’s shooting The Manny reboot for part of the year and spending the rest of the time back east with his loved ones. But taking Rebecca away from the world she recognizes and putting her in a house she’s never lived in seems like something that became a necessity at some point. Is it that Miguel passed away? Or did he decide it was time to move her someplace she couldn’t wander off?

2. Does Kevin Win An Oscar?

Kevin has raced, on and off, for the ultimate symbol of acting glory in hopes of doing it for his mother while she can still appreciate it. But taking The Manny reboot gig seemed a sign that he had accepted some dreams aren’t meant to come true. That said, there’s still almost an entire decade between 2026 and 2034. Could Kevin still land that gold statuette?

3. Who Is Deja’s Baby’s Father?

Fans of Deja want a love story for the ages. This Is Us has hinted that it could be possible Malik holds a torch for Deja until she’s ready for him. The show also revealed that Tess and Annie know their sister has a bun in the oven, but there’s no sign of a father. Could Malik have found his way back to Deja and be expecting his second child with her?

4. How Does Jack Jr. Get Famous?

This is a bit of a long shot. The show is well within its rights to leave Jack’s music career as “finally, after three generations, a singer in the Pearson family caught a break and sold albums.” But Jack going from a hobbyist in a Los Angeles garage to superstardom had to have come from somewhere. A proper connection at the right time for a soundtrack slot on a project his Uncle Kevin’s involved in? A glad-handing of a record exec from Pennsylvania’s senator at the right charity event? Can fans get at least a hint of the moment luck finally won out?

5. Does Randall Become POTUS?

This Is Us has only itself to blame for even bringing up the specter of Randall Pearson as America’s second Black president, following in the footsteps of President Obama. No one would have gone there if Teen Randall hadn’t said it himself. But ever since that secret dream was spoken, and Randall handily won his freshman term as a Pennsylvania senator, it’s now something everyone needs to see come true.

6. Will Kate Make It In Time To Say Goodbye To Rebecca?

For the longest time, fans asked if Kate was even alive when Rebecca’s passing happened. So far, there’s been no sign of her at the cabin in 2034, and Toby’s invite from Randall almost seemed like a way for him to stand in for his ex-wife. But Kate and Phillip have now been shown to have lived long enough to see Jack on the road to stardom in the 2040s, along with Toby and his new wife, Laura. So that leaves a different question: If Kate isn’t at the cabin yet and Rebecca’s time is running out, will she make it before the end?

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