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I'm Sobbing Over Rebecca's Song Lyrics For Kate's Wedding On This Is Us

Ugly tears everywhere.

by Ani Bundel
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This Is Us has been going all out for the final season; there’s been time jumps to the past and the far future, revealing how life turns out for the Pearson clan. One of the biggest is Kate’s second wedding to her co-worker Phillip; something fans never saw coming until the Season 5 finale. The series didn’t just stage a gorgeous event; it had Mandy Moore’s matriarch Rebecca sing a brand new song written specially for the occasion. In true This Is Us fashion, Rebecca’s song lyrics for Kate’s wedding (called “Forever Now”) are super touching and perfect for any wedding.

Warning: Spoilers for This Is Us Season 6, Episode 13 follow. Kate’s second wedding in 2026 was far more glamorous than her first, a sign of how much the Pearson family has prospered since her marriage to Toby in 2017. Things are looking up all around: Randall was just sworn in as a Senator for Pennsylvania. Kevin’s company with Nicky and Cassidy seemed to be going well enough for him to bring the latter as his date. Madison and Elijah’s marriage appeared solid, not just as a blended family with the twins but with a third child of their own.

But as with many second weddings, the bride and groom’s parents were aging. Phillip’s dad seemed pretty hardy for a Scotsman in California, but Miguel and Rebecca were starting to show signs of deterioration. Miguel is now on heart meds and showing signs of the stress of full-time caretaking. As for Rebecca, it wasn’t exactly clear if she was fully present for Kate’s ceremony. She kept looking at Kevin and seeing 1970s-era Jack and, at one point, told him not to worry about Kevin and Sophie’s newlywed problems as if it was 1999.

However, when it came time for her to perform a song as part of the reception, Rebecca suddenly snapped into it, performing as if she was born for it. It’s understood that music can be beneficial to people with Alzheimer's disease, and it seemed that singing was the magic that brought Rebecca back, at least for a little while.

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Here are the full lyrics to Rebecca’s song, “Forever Now”:

They say time will tell

But I think it likes to keep secrets

So we’ll wait and see

But it’s just as well

The years can be counted in seconds

And that’s fine with me

‘Cause I get this moment with you

Forever now

It all hits me at once

Forever now

If there’s a right way to say it, I’m still learning how

But maybe all that we have

Is the forever now

I’ve been looking for words

For feelings that shouldn’t get spoken

It’s something I do I’m starting to learn

Some silences shouldn’t be broken

Just listened to

I get this moment with you

Forever now

It all hits me at once

Forever now

If there’s a right way to say it, I’m still learning how

All that we have

Is the forever now

The song was written by Moore’s husband, Taylor Goldsmith, and This Is Us’ composer, Sidd Khosla — both of whom have written multiple songs for the show. Moore said in an interview with People that she worked with a neurologist to make the moment authentic. “I discovered that, oftentimes, if someone suffering from dementia has done something repetitively in the past, as Rebecca has with playing music, then their cognitive reserve makes that same skill available to them, even years into a diagnosis,” she said. “I loved that Rebecca was able to rise to the occasion and sing such a meaningful song at her daughter's wedding.”

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