Prince Harry's 2022 speech for Princess Diana's birthday mentioned his kids.

Prince Harry Said He Sees His Mom In His Kids In A Sweet Speech On Her Birthday

“Now, as a husband and a parent, my mother's voice is even stronger in my life."

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On Princess Diana’s 61st birthday on July 1, Prince Harry honored his late mother in a virtual ceremony for the Diana Awards, established in memory of the Princess of Wales. During his speech, Prince Harry said he sees his mom’s legacy when he looks at his own children. He and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, are parents to 3-year-old Archie and 1-year-old Lilibet. The family resides in California, but recently visited the United Kingdom for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee in June, which was Lilibet’s first time in the country since her birth in June 2021. It’s clear from Prince Harry’s speech for Princess Diana at the 2022 Diana Awards that his mother’s memory is as alive as ever in his life.

Along with what would have been her 61st birthday, this year also marks 25 years since Princess Diana’s passing in a fatal car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997. “There isn't a day during the past two and half decades where I haven't thought about the mark she left not only on me and my brother, but on all of our lives,” Prince Harry said. “I see her legacy in all of you. I see her legacy in a Diana Award community that spans multiple generations. I see her legacy every time I meet with families, young people, and children from all corners of the world. And, I see my mum's legacy when I look at my own children every single day.”

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Prince Harry emphasized that it is a “special year” and one he hopes people will remember Princess Diana’s life and take extra time “to reflect on the life she continues to lead.” He touched on his mother’s “drive to speak up and fight for a better world” that was instilled in him and now his “mother’s voice is even stronger” in his life as a husband and a parent. To close out the ceremony, he urged people that if they were to take away one thing, “it be that no matter who you are, or where you’re from, or what your background is, you can create positive change in our world.”

The Diana Award is the only charity set up in memory of Princess Diana, and it gives out the award to “outstanding young people selflessly creating and sustaining positive social change,” according to its website. This year’s ceremony awarded 180 people from 29 countries, including more than 20 recipients from the United States.

Prince William was not in attendance, but he did share a letter thanking the awardees for their “compassion, bravery and absolute determination.” He honored his late mother by writing, “You truly are the personification of my mother’s legacy and I know she would be so proud of you all. I believe there’s no better way to celebrate her life and work than through recognising incredible people who dedicate so much time and effort to helping those around them.”

Last year, on Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, Prince William and Prince Harry unveiled a statue of their mother at Kensington Palace. It is heartwarming to know that Princess Diana’s legacy will continue to live on. They said in a joint statement in 2021, “Every day, we wish she were still with us, and our hope is that this statue will be seen forever as a symbol of her life and her legacy.”

The full 2022 Diana Awards ceremony which included Harry’s speech is available to watch on YouTube.