People Are Super Pissed At Lindsay Lohan Over Her Latest Instagram Post


It seems like Lindsay Lohan took one look at Mischa Barton's Instagram and was like, "Yes, this is the correct way to handle tragedies."

On Monday, the 30-year-old actress posted a "tribute" to the victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Nice and Turkey.

For some inexplicable reason, she decided to pair that with a picture of herself in a revealing night gown on a hotel bed, looking sexily into the camera.

The caption reads,

If history were to be folded ... Where would we put the crease? Pray for the ones we lose everyday and appreciate every breathe you  we all  take #nice #turkey #turnup and do something (goodnight and sleep with an idea for the future)

So, unsurprisingly, people felt the photo was a little insensitive. Like is the case with Mischa, it seems like Lindsay cares more about promoting her own image than caring about the victims of the attacks.

It's almost too much of a coincidence how similar this is to Mischa's "tribute" to Alton Sterling:

Honestly, I think there are only two real possibilities here.

  1. Lindsay Lohan saw how Mischa Barton's Instagram post blew up, and wanted that kind of publicity for herself.
  2. Lindsay Lohan truly does not understand anything about anything, and genuinely thought she was doing a nice thing.

Both seem plausible.

A few hours after posting the picture, Lindsay posted a vague follow-up – this time with a "real" picture of herself – saying that her words should matter more than her picture.

Yeah. Option two is looking more and more likely.

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