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Find Out Which The Office Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you a Michael or a Toby?

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NBC's The Office has a massive fanbase. The mockumentary-style series has captivated fans since its debut in 2005. The format makes it feel so realistic, which in turn, makes the characters feel more lifelike than most comedy characters. Even now, years after the series came to an end, fans can't help but compare themselves and their friends to The Office characters. It turns out, with a little help from the stars, it’s easy to figure out which The Office character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Like any real-life workplace, The Office had a wide range of personalities on display, and it's safe to say that even if you don't think you relate to one of the show's characters, you know someone who is essentially Pam (Jenna Fischer), Kelly (Mindy Kaling), or Angela (Angela Kinsey) reincarnated. Also, I’m low-key sure everyone’s encountered an office prankster á la Jim (John Krasinski), or a miserable Stanley (Leslie David Baker) type who just wants to go home at least once or twice in their lives.

While you probably already know which character you connect the most with, by figuring out your work bestie’s (or your boss’ or your crush’s) zodiac sign, you can figure out who, exactly, their The Office character would be, and whether you’d want to stand in line with them on Pretzel Day.

Aries: You’re Pam

Bold and ambitious, Aries are direct in their approach and easily get frustrated by not reaching their full potential. Since Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, they love being No. 1, which is why they often dive headfirst into situations and figure out the details later. Aries dislike work that doesn’t utilize their talents, which is a quality Pam displayed from the pilot episode. Nursing a passion for artistry, Pam Beesly said, “No girl grows up wanting to be a receptionist,” capturing the Aries tendency to be impatient and determined about her true desires.

While she began the series as a relatively shy person, Pam developed into a fiercely strong woman by the end of The Office. From breaking off her engagement to Roy to attending (and then quitting) art school to making up an office administrator position for herself and eventually moving her family to Austin for Jim’s job, Pam clearly liked to take control of her own life, just like an Aries. While she struggled a bit in getting there, Pam definitely found her inner resilience by the show's finale.

Taurus: You’re Ryan

If there’s one thing Taureans love, it’s relaxing. Pleasure, opulence, and indulgence are how Taureans feel happiest (no shame), but they’re not afraid to work hard when it’s really necessary. Sure, they’re sometimes a little headstrong and stubborn in regard to their careers or romantic situations, but that’s just because they think they deserve the best.

While Ryan's success as a businessman is questionable (“Wuphf” seemed like a pretty good idea, though), the more time he spent at Dunder Mifflin, the more committed he became to being a leader and partner, the latter of which was seen when he finally ran off into the sunset with Kelly. Taureans are known to view things from a practical angle, and in the show's early years, Ryan was completing business school. Later, it was clear he’d do anything to get ahead, even if it meant throwing others — like Jim, Michael, or Kelly — under the bus to get there.

Gemini: You’re Kelly

Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac, and while the sign is often falsely represented as two-faced, they tend to be honest and open in their pursuits and their desires. They dislike being alone and can talk to pretty much anyone, and Kelly's role as the office’s source for celebrity gossip screams Gemini behavior.

The queen of fashion shows at lunch, yelling out of boredom, and faking a pregnancy to get back at Ryan Kelly is the definition of a Gemini. These vivacious, expressive people tend to juggle a variety of passions and crave new routines, which would explain Kelly's tendency to constantly re-brand herself.

Cancer: You’re Phyllis

While they can be moody and insecure, their best qualities include their sympathetic nature, their nurturing behavior, and their unwavering loyalty. They have to be careful, though, because when they invest in someone emotionally, they will stand by their side no matter what. Luckily, Phyllis found a good partner in Bob Vance (you know, from Vance Refrigeration).

Phyllis is one of the quieter employees in the office, and while she was never the life of the party, her sweet and loyal relationship with her husband, Bob, is definitely a bond to envy. She makes her love very clear (sometimes too clear, like that time the couple went to a Valentine’s Day lunch with Jim and Pam). Even though Cancers tend to avoid confrontation, if they feel threatened (like when Phyllis thought Pam was going to give Jim all her clients), they tend to lash out. Cancers are slow to trust, but like Phyllis, once you've broken down their walls, they care immensely for those they connect with.

Leo: You’re Andy

Leos, who are natural-born leaders, tend to gravitate toward the finer things in life. And, uh, Andy's oblivious views of anything less than expensive frequently shone through over the course of the show. Like a true Leo, the Cornell alumnus thought very highly of himself and sometimes got in his own way when his jealousy would get the best of him — like the time he had a garden party but spent the whole time competing with his brother.

Even when he wasn't mentioning his charmed past to colleagues, Andy felt like he was a celebrity in his own right, thanks to his lead position in his college a cappella group, Here Comes Treble. Granted, he had good reason to feel that way, since Leos tend to be creative and have a passion for the arts, something Andy got to showcase often through his musical moments at work.

Virgo: You’re Angela

Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life, and they’re major perfectionists. Not only are they hyper-aware of details and meticulous in everything they do, but they also tend to view human interactions as exchanges and address even the most emotional situations from a place of calculated calm.

While Virgos can be shy and introverted, they pride themselves on having everything in their lives neatly sorted, and in line, and if visions of Angela Martin aren’t dancing in your head RN, you need to rewatch the series ASAP. As Dunder Mifflin's most detail-attuned accountant, Angela craves order to the point that she’ll take pain medicine before a hard day of working with Kelly, just to be prepared. At her worst, Angela can be overly critical of others; she openly dislikes several of her coworkers and their actions over the years. But in true Virgo fashion, Angela *does* have a soft spot for some — in her case, it’s mostly cats.

Libra: You’re Jim

While Libras get along well with others and come off as peaceful, they’re often at risk of letting people walk all over them. To Libras, relationships of all types are essential, and they thrive off of attention and admiration. Since Libras dislike confrontation, they’re probably the least likely people to tell their boss the truth about a new sales pitch or confess their love to an office crush.

For the show's entire first season, Jim Halpert awkwardly danced around his true feelings for Pam, and Pam only found out about them when Michael blabbed about Jim's crush on her. He may have started out as a timid guy avoiding any possible clashes, but by the series finale, Jim had captured Libras' loving qualities to a T. The fact that Libras know how to turn on the charm and can navigate most social situations fits well too, since Jim was easily one of the most well-liked people in the office (and *on* The Office).

Scorpio: You’re Toby

Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood signs, which is probably why Toby gets such a bad rap in the office. While they crave physical closeness and emotional intimacy, they can easily (and to their own detriment) find themself withdrawn and moody when they lack control over the connection they crave. Often having to rein in a scheming Michael, Toby displayed Scorpio's stubborn determination to do what's right. Like a true Scorpio, he had no qualms about doing the research to prove he was correct about something, like when he was (almost) certain the Scranton Strangler was innocent.

While Toby didn’t get his fairy-tale ending, his endless search for love and hardcore crush on an oblivious Pam showcased his strong desire for connection.

Sagittarius: You’re Kevin

Sagittarians are excellent storytellers and can light up any room with their exhilarating tales and infectious laughter. Effortlessly magnetic, Sags easily attract friends and lovers. This may not sound like Kevin Malone, The Office’s slow-talking, chili-loving accountant who was low-key really bad at math, but if you dig a little deeper, the similarities are definitely there. Sagittarians often have an endless sense of humor, but may not exactly have much of a filter when it comes to saying inappropriate things. Kevin didn't hold much back at work; he openly made wildly inappropriate comments to his coworkers over the years. (Never forget when he compared the hotness levels of two of his coworkers Pam and Karen, yikes.)

While he didn't have much responsibility (or success) at work, Kevin did have a select number of passions outside of work (like cooking and gambling), echoing Sagittarius' love of having plenty of freedom. Sags are also adaptable to change, which is good, considering Kevin gets fired from Dunder Mifflin and goes on to own his own bar.

Capricorn: You’re Stanley

Capricorns are devoted to their families and are often very aware of the responsibility they hold in their loved ones’ lives. They have unwavering focus and don’t let anything stand between them and their long-term goals. Because of their steadfast dedication and drive, they can sometimes be perceived as cold and unemotional, especially to those who don’t know them well.

Stanley “Did I Stutter?” Hudson is the epitome of a Capricorn. While he’s not the most devoted hubby, once he finds a partner he cares about (or at least cares about at the moment), he’s all in. While he’s indifferent about his job, he stuck it out for his family, which emphasizes his Capricorn qualities of traditionalism and discipline. When it comes to being on vacation mode, doing a crossword, or getting his full bonus check, he’s as committed as they come.

Aquarius: You’re Dwight

If you’re an Aquarius, you probably already knew you were a Schrute at heart. You don't really care that you swim against the current and you pride yourself on originality. As a revolutionary thinker, you aspire to change the world, but you sometimes find it difficult to compromise with others. Maybe it’s your unusual hobbies or your nonconformist attitude, but you’re a lot — in the best way.

As the office “weirdo,” Dwight was waving his freak flag long before it was cool to do so. He constantly clashed with Jim and was insistent on getting the last word during their prank shenanigans. From running the office like clockwork when he was the acting manager to going above and (way) beyond with security measures by hiding weird weapons in the office and creating a “fake” fire to practice evacuating the staff, Dwight was never afraid to invoke radical measures in an effort to create positive change — or at least what he considered positive change.

Pisces: You’re Michael

As a Pisces, the last constellation of the zodiac, you’ve quite literally taken in all the lessons of the other signs, making you extremely in tune with your feelings. You’re so in tune, in fact, that things like art and music and interactions with people passing by tend to move you, and you tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses. Because you’re compassionate and love connecting with people, you can sometimes be too trusting of strangers. You also occasionally have the nasty habit of playing the sufferer when things don’t go your way.

Much like Michael Scott, you’re pretty much willing to talk to anyone and you’ve occasionally fallen in love with someone after just one meeting. While Michael is a bit of an unconventional leader, you certainly can't deny his ability to talk anybody into tolerating him, if not actually liking him. Even if he occasionally had meltdowns and threw watermelons off buildings, Michael’s ability to connect with others in his own way is what made him the world’s best boss.

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