Who Is The Night King? White Walkers Get A Huge Advantage In 'GOT' Premiere


With enemies all over Westeros, it's hard to prioritize the biggest threat. Well, for everyone except Jon Snow, that is.

The new King of the North made it clear to his sister Sansa in the Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere that he's less concerned with his royal enemies to the South, and focusing instead on the supernatural enemies to the North. Namely, the Night King and his hordes.

The Night King has appeared in Game of Thrones' past seasons, but Season 7 looks to be his big push, and he's got a big new threat on his side. And I mean BIG. The premiere showed a giant White Walker marching in his army!


Yeah... that doesn't look too inviting. Of course, up to this point, it's only been Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, and other Wildlings and members of the Night's Watch who have seen and fought against the White Walkers.

In the season premiere, Jon Snow tries to galvanize his army against the North, but Sansa and a raven from King's Landing draw him south instead. Sam also tells the Grand Maester that nobody who hasn't seen the White Walkers will believe that they exist.


But while nobody is really thinking about the White Walkers right now, it sure looks like they'll be the only thing that anyone is talking about at the end of the season. The first scene of the new season (after the cold open) was the White Walkers marching towards the wall.

And now Sam and Jon have another major player worrying about the White Walkers. While traveling with a band of followers of the Lord of Light, The Hound had a vision while looking into a fire, which showed him that first scene of the White Walkers marching south.


So, don't forget about those White Walkers, you guys, because winter is indeed here.